Most Underrated Eminem Songs


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1 Rock Bottom Rock Bottom

This is a very good list because all of these are easily recognizable as underrated.

V 1 Comment
2 Legacy Legacy
3 25 to Life 25 to Life

Beautiful Song with a unconventional diss at Hip-Hop

Every other recovery song is underrated

4 Business Business

Rips apart the entire song with his flow. An amazing braggish song calling out some of the rap "criminals" in the game. Great beat as well, perfect for an angry, somewhat comedic track

5 Drug Ballad Drug Ballad V 1 Comment
6 Guts Over Fear Guts Over Fear
7 Just Don't Give a F*** Just Don't Give a F***
8 Renegade
9 The Hills The Hills V 1 Comment
10 Criminal Criminal

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? Encore / Curtains Down Encore / Curtains Down

How is this song not number one?! In my opinion Guilty Conscience is the most OVERRATED song! This song has great beats, nice lyrics and is an awesome party/farewell song! I got goosebumps the first time I heard it! A unappreciated masterpiece!

Great song! How is this not top 5?! In my opinion guilty Conscience Is the most OVERRATED song. This has great beats, nice lyrics and is a great farewell song! After listening to the whole album this was a great way to end it! I got the chills!

The Contenders

11 Like Toy Soldiers Like Toy Soldiers

Best on encore, one of the only good songs on the album

It's such a dope song, maybe the best on Encore and it's so underrated ❤️

12 Rhyme or Reason Rhyme or Reason
13 Space Bound Space Bound
14 Elevator Elevator
15 Cinderella Man Cinderella Man

Come on yo, this song is great and one of the best pump up music I've ever heard Eminem rocks!

16 White America White America
17 Mockingbird Mockingbird

Very emotional song.In my opinion this song is one of the best rap songs of all time.

18 Deja Vu Deja Vu

If you're in to his storytelling songs this is a great one even though it has no comedy elements in it, it's a deep song none the less!

Really underrated. One of his most personal songs. - marmalade_skies

19 Won't Back Down Won't Back Down
20 A**hole A**hole
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2. Guts Over Fear
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1. 25 to Life
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