Most Underrated Eminem Songs


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1 Rock Bottom

This is a very good list because all of these are easily recognizable as underrated.

This song is so motivational

One of his only real songs

2 Legacy

It is meaningful and I think it should be more known than it already is

3 Guts Over Fear
4 Drug Ballad

Defidently the most underrated eminem song - LegitGames12

5 Rabbit Run

This is one of my favorite Eminem songs. Just 3 minutes of him rapping, what Eminem is.

6 Renegade

Underrated it is one of best slim shady songs where he talk about that he cannot be stopped about rapping about dark society.

7 25 to Life

Beautiful Song with a unconventional diss at Hip-Hop

Every other recovery song is underrated

8 Business

Rips apart the entire song with his flow. An amazing braggish song calling out some of the rap "criminals" in the game. Great beat as well, perfect for an angry, somewhat comedic track

The chorus is addictive

9 Criminal

This is my first Eminem song that I listened to.

10 Cinderella Man

Come on yo, this song is great and one of the best pump up music I've ever heard Eminem rocks!

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? Bully

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11 The Hills

This isn't a song it's a remix - DaLizts

12 Just Don't Give a F***
13 Space Bound

This song is so powerful but it's so underrated. THIS song should've been a hit in 2010 instead of Love the Way you Lie (which was a good song, don't get me wrong)


14 Rhyme or Reason
15 Elevator

Very underrated. One of the best songs I've ever heard. Although I actually think this is the second most underrated song. I think the most underrated is Evil Twin.

Such a catchy hook. The entire song is great though. I've listened to this song about 10 times in a day. I LOVE THIS SONG!

Everything about this song is AWESOME!

16 We as Americans

This was clear to me as an instant classic, but in the eyes of others, apparently it was seen as just another song, it kinda sad to see this one passed over

I really like the censored verse in this song

17 Beautiful Pain
18 Like Toy Soldiers

Best on encore, one of the only good songs on the album

It's such a dope song, maybe the best on Encore and it's so underrated ❤️

19 Hailie's Song

Waaayy to underrated

20 White America
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