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1 Rock Bottom

A masterpiece

The song is so realistic

This is a very good list because all of these are easily recognizable as underrated.

This song is so motivational

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2 Legacy

The rhyme scheme alone absolutely blew my mind.

Rock Bottom is regarded as the best on The Slim Shady LP by practically every Eminem fan. I don't think that's considered underrated. Legacy deserves better. - Midevilnight

It is meaningful and I think it should be more known than it already is

3 Space Bound

This song is so powerful but it's so underrated. THIS song should've been a hit in 2010 instead of Love the Way you Lie (which was a good song, don't get me wrong)


4 Rabbit Run

This is one of my favorite Eminem songs. Just 3 minutes of him rapping, what Eminem is.

5 25 to Life

Beautiful Song with a unconventional diss at Hip-Hop

Every other recovery song is underrated

6 Guts Over Fear
7 Drug Ballad

Rock Bottom will always be my favorite, but this song is just too underrated. - DarthPhasey

Defidently the most underrated eminem song - LegitGames12

8 Business

Rips apart the entire song with his flow. An amazing braggish song calling out some of the rap "criminals" in the game. Great beat as well, perfect for an angry, somewhat comedic track

The chorus is addictive

9 Cinderella Man

Come on yo, this song is great and one of the best pump up music I've ever heard Eminem rocks!

10 No Apologies

This is the most underrated. Is so deep and shows struggles almost the same as The way I am. And the flow is just outstanding too

Hidden on his forgettable album, " The Re-Up" is a great song that feels like it was leftover from the Eminem show or from 8 mile. 1 listen and this song became in my top 3 from him.

The fact that it's 28 explains how underrated this song actually is.

One of his best song, very cold song

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? Drips
? Just Lose It

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11 Criminal

Honestly the best eminem song fk his new songs

Literally everything people love and hate about Eminem in one song - Midevilnight

This is my first Eminem song that I listened to.

12 Renegade

Underrated it is one of best slim shady songs where he talk about that he cannot be stopped about rapping about dark society.

13 Stimulate

Listen to this song and the words. One of his very best works doesn't even get in the top 30 of underrated songs? Incredible song, educate yourselves.

I feel that stimulate is like a self awareness eminem type of song and responsibility to his audience and listeners and it has a depressing beat and they are few good and powerful lines.It should have been on the Eminem show, anyway it's a really good underrated track.

14 Soldier

Honestly I scrolled all the way through the list to find this song, this is one of eminem hardest and underrated songs by far, listen to this

15 Bully

Fantastic song

16 No Love
17 Headlights

Extremely underrated. Well, Am I the only one who feels that almost all eminem songs are underrated.

18 Shake That
19 Just Don't Give a F***
20 The Hills

This isn't a song it's a remix - DaLizts

21 Elevator

Very underrated. One of the best songs I've ever heard. Although I actually think this is the second most underrated song. I think the most underrated is Evil Twin.

Such a catchy hook. The entire song is great though. I've listened to this song about 10 times in a day. I LOVE THIS SONG!

Everything about this song is AWESOME!

22 Hailie's Song

Eminem's best attempt at singing by far

Third verse, worth it

Waaayy to underrated

23 Rhyme or Reason
24 We as Americans

This was clear to me as an instant classic, but in the eyes of others, apparently it was seen as just another song, it kinda sad to see this one passed over

I really like the censored verse in this song

25 Beautiful

The best song in history, yet many don't even know about its existence

26 Kill You
27 Beautiful Pain
28 3 A.M.
29 Deja Vu

Good beat, best chorus

This is what underrated song is. It's true eminem is the most underrated rapper. This song actually is from relapse his most underrated album. And I hate how people don't even take its name. This song is absolute genius.

If you're in to his storytelling songs this is a great one even though it has no comedy elements in it, it's a deep song none the less!

Really underrated. One of his most personal songs. - marmalade_skies

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30 So Bad
31 Love the Way You Lie, Pt. II
32 Arose Arose
33 Like Toy Soldiers

Best on encore, one of the only good songs on the album

It's such a dope song, maybe the best on Encore and it's so underrated ❤️

34 White America
35 Fall
36 Infinite

I love this song!

37 Seduction
38 Music Box
39 Superman
40 Marshal Mathers
41 Mockingbird

Very emotional song.In my opinion this song is one of the best rap songs of all time.

42 Hello
43 Guilty Conscience
44 B**** Please II
45 Role Model
46 Encore / Curtains Down

How is this song not number one?! In my opinion Guilty Conscience is the most OVERRATED song! This song has great beats, nice lyrics and is an awesome party/farewell song! I got goosebumps the first time I heard it! A unappreciated masterpiece!

Great song! How is this not top 5?! In my opinion guilty Conscience Is the most OVERRATED song. This has great beats, nice lyrics and is a great farewell song! After listening to the whole album this was a great way to end it! I got the chills!

47 Cold Wind Blows

I love it.,.extremely underrated song

It's the best song on Recovery by far! But the ones that are more popular have music videos (I love No Love though).

Weird segments but I love this song, it’s really catchy.

48 A**hole

I actually really like this song. Very underrated. But I think Evil Twin is the most underrated song but it isn't on here. This is a close second though.

49 Jimmy Crack Corn

Hella underrated and sooo good

50 Need Me Need Me
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