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21 Hailie's Song V 1 Comment
22 Encore / Curtains Down

How is this song not number one?! In my opinion Guilty Conscience is the most OVERRATED song! This song has great beats, nice lyrics and is an awesome party/farewell song! I got goosebumps the first time I heard it! A unappreciated masterpiece!

Great song! How is this not top 5?! In my opinion guilty Conscience Is the most OVERRATED song. This has great beats, nice lyrics and is a great farewell song! After listening to the whole album this was a great way to end it! I got the chills!

23 Won't Back Down
24 Hello
25 A**hole

I actually really like this song. Very underrated. But I think Evil Twin is the most underrated song but it isn't on here. This is a close second though.

26 3 a.m.
27 Guilty Conscience
28 B**** Please II
29 No Apologies

Hidden on his forgettable album, " The Re-Up" is a great song that feels like it was leftover from the Eminem show or from 8 mile. 1 listen and this song became in my top 3 from him.

One of his best song, very cold song

30 Shake That
31 Square Dance

This should be switched with 25 To Life.

Hehe, love this song.

32 Cold Wind Blows

It's the best song on Recovery by far! But the ones that are more popular have music videos (I love No Love though).

33 Yellow Brick Road
34 Stimulate

I feel that stimulate is like a self awareness eminem type of song and responsibility to his audience and listeners and it has a depressing beat and they are few good and powerful lines.It should have been on the Eminem show, anyway it's a really good underrated track.

35 Headlights
36 Wicked Ways

This song is insane, the rhyme pattern and flow are unbeatable, and the chorus is done by X Ambassadors. The song is about how he hasn't changed that much since he became famous, and how he is getting by with his "wicked ways." It's amazing, most probably haven't heard it because it is a bonus track on track on the MMPL2, but go listen to it now, it is super underrated and definitely one of his best ever.

37 Brainless
38 8 Mile

Unbelievable no one knows about this song. Not even on the list before I pit it here. This song is basically the brother of lose yourself and no one knows it exists...

So underrated! This songs awesome! Lose yourself is better but not by much which is the reason why this song is underrated.

39 Groundhog Day
40 Jimmy Crack Corn
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