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41 Brainless

Not a hard choice. So underrated! Fantastic lyrics, amazing beat and a catchy chorus. One of the best songs I have ever heard in my life!

42 Just Lose It
43 Untitled
44 Wicked Ways

This song is insane, the rhyme pattern and flow are unbeatable, and the chorus is done by X Ambassadors. The song is about how he hasn't changed that much since he became famous, and how he is getting by with his "wicked ways." It's amazing, most probably haven't heard it because it is a bonus track on track on the MMPL2, but go listen to it now, it is super underrated and definitely one of his best ever.

45 8 Mile

Unbelievable no one knows about this song. Not even on the list before I pit it here. This song is basically the brother of lose yourself and no one knows it exists...

So underrated! This songs awesome! Lose yourself is better but not by much which is the reason why this song is underrated.

46 My Ballz
47 F*** Off
48 The Way I Am

Eminem Songs such as "The way I am", " Like Toy Soldiers", " guilty Conscience" and "Just lose it" are underrated and his newer songs like "Not afraid" are overrated - readingfc1871

49 Welcome 2 Hell
50 Almost Famous

This song is AWESOME! The beat is SICK and it tells a story of how Eminem became famous! Powerful rapping by Eminem too. WAY underrated and should be at least top ten.

Why is this 53? Should be #1.

51 If I Had...
52 Careful What You Wish For

This song wasn't released except for special editions of Relapse, (not Refill) along with My Darling. It's on iTunes for sale under Refill, though. This is such a powerful song with an amazing intro. More people need to hear this.

53 Going Through Changes
54 My Mom
55 Crazy In Love
56 Murder Murder
57 Infinite
58 Stronger Than I Was
59 Say Goodbye Hollywood
60 Insane

Really underrated! People dislike it because it's disturbing, but if you can't handle it you shouldn't be listening to it in the first place. The beat is great, the lyrics are truly insane (in a good way) and the chorus is classic.

Severely underrated. I honestly think people hate it because they can't handle it. This is Marshall, Eminem and Slim Shady combined into one song.

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