Most Underrated George Michael Songs


The Top Ten

1 Waiting for that Day


2 Father Figure
3 Monkey

Nobody remembers this one. Currently, is only ranked no. 15 on his greatest songs list. Too bad, it's one of my favorites. The fourth and final #1 single from the highly successful Faith album.

4 Praying for Time

This song is amazing, timeless and moving. It very much reminds me of the type of lyrics written by the great John Lennon. It is woefully under-rated.

Amazing, best George Michael song

5 Fastlove Fastlove

This is an excellent song, the lyrics, the rhythm, the sensuality! It is one of my favorites songs from George Michael!

6 Killer / Papa Was a Rollin' Stone
7 Spinning the Wheel

One of my absolute favourite George Michael tracks. Great lyrics, great tune and brilliant vocals (naturally! )

8 Round Here
9 Outside
10 Older

The Contenders

11 Freeek!
12 Cowboys and Angels
13 Kissing a Fool
14 Club Tropicana
15 An Easier Affair
16 Star People

Love this, although prefer the '97 remix over the album version. The Gap Band bass sample on that is immense.

Seriously, if you r a true gm fan you can feel the power in his voice.

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