Most Underrated Gorillaz Songs

Gorillaz is a very original band. They have many great songs, but there are some that should've had just a bit more credit.

The Top Ten

1 Kids with Guns

This is honestly my favourite song. The lyrics are about the fact that children of this day are changing and becoming more violent. Hence the name kids with guns. The instrumental is amazing. Great song 👍

Sorry but that's wrong. This song is based on when one of the children from Damon Albarn's daughters class bought a knife with him to school. - SnuckleBerg

2 Superfast Jellyfish
3 Rock the House

A lot of people like the song, until they see the video, then they don't like it that much anymore. The way they did the video ruined the chances of this song being the hit of the album. Clint Eastwood was the hit of Gorillaz, Feel Good Inc. Was the hit of Demon Days, and Stylo was the hit for Plastic Beach. I don't think there is a hit on The Fall.

Yeah, for some reason nobody appreciates this song! This is the third best zgorillaz song at least!

4 Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
5 Tomorrow Comes Today

This still remains as my favorite Gorillaz song.

Still slightly popular, but considering how good it actually is, I'm surprised that it's not up there with Feel Good Inc. and Clint Eastwood.

6 Some Kind of Nature

In my opinion, the best Plastic Beach song. Lou Reed really make it for me!

7 Last Living Souls

I hate how people overlook this song because its more mellow. Beautiful song to kick off a beautiful album.

This is they're best song. - Toot

My absolute favorite!

so god - MikaBeeWall

8 Left Hand Suzuki Method
9 5/4

She made me kill myself.


10 Pirate Jet

The Contenders

11 All Alone

Honestly the most underrated gorillaz song of all time

12 Broken

This song is sooo good

13 911

Oh My God. It wasn't even on this list. That's how underrated it is. - WhatAWasteOfTime

Definitely one to check out if you haven't already

14 Stop the Dams

This is one of my favorites mainly because of all the meaning inside of it. The only reason people don't like it is because of the "Cling Clang" guy, but the song wouldn't be the same nor better without him.

15 To Binge
16 Hong Kong

Mesmerisingly beautiful - shame it gets forgotten about

17 Feel Good Inc.

Its under-rated in my opin

18 Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head
19 Dracula
20 Dirty Harry

Do you see Dirty Harry at the top of any list? NO. People don't mention how good it is because they're still hung up on Feel Good Inc.

21 Double Bass
22 New Genius (Brother)
23 Starshine
24 Murdoc is God
25 White Light
26 California and the Slipping of the Sun
27 Cloud of Unknowing
28 Latin Simone
29 Man Research (Clapper)

This track is just great, my favourite by gorillaz. - yutex

30 Rock It
31 November Has Come
32 Ghost Train

The first Gorillaz song ever and honestly one of their best. It's not as good as Every Planet We Reach is Dead, but it's still awesome. Also, why are Kids With Guns, Superfast Jellyfish, Rock the House, Tomorrow Comes Today, Dirty Harry, and craziest of all, Feel Good Inc. on this list? These are all famous Gorillaz classics.

33 Doncamatic
34 Humility
35 Andromeda
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