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21 Stuck with Me

How was this NOT on the list already? This song is extremely underrated! It was WAY overshadowed by Dookie considering some of the singles came out late, but that is NO excuse for this masterpiece.

22 Horseshoes and Handgrenades

Such a fast pace, energetic song. Love this song.

23 She

Not many things bug me more than hearing Basket Case without being followed by She. Just a fast energetic song

Short, sweet, catchy chorus fast paced even Billie joe said this is his favorite some he wrote truly and underrated classic

Listen to Green Day right now and this is so sad this song was even released as a single or no video

24 Deadbeat Holiday
25 When It's Time V 1 Comment
26 Give Me Novacaine

Although I agree with the majority of the votes what I don't understand is why this song isn't higher on the list. There's something so beautiful and soothing about this song; with the way billies vocals sound accompanied by a steady drumbeat and acoustic guitar, which eventually gives way to a build up. From the surface this song may seem to be about drugs but it think it actually represents intense emotional pain that's so overwhelming you just want it to go numb. Therefore the drugs are partly used as symbolism. This is one of my favorite songs off American Idiot and among the most underrated, despite being from the bands most ambitious album throughout their career.

Another pretty song I think is just under appreciated.

27 Are We the Waiting

My favorite song by them (barring Holiday and WMUWSE) - ProPanda

28 Lady Cobra

Should be at least in the top ten - Boi

29 Misery

Listen to this damn song and tell me you don't love it like your own mother

30 Pulling Teeth

Not really that underrated, seeing as its on nearly every deep cut/ underrated list. A good song nonetheless

31 Armatage Shanks

Seems like this song never gets any love. One of the best opening tracks; up there with Burnout and Nice Guys Finish Last

My favorite song of this album. Absolutely love it

32 Last of the American Girls

I mean, it was a flop single, but there were better songs to close of the 21st Century Breakdown era. Still, underrated song. - ProPanda

33 She's a Rebel
34 Prosthetic Head

Great Song. Seems like almost every song from Nimrod and Warning could be on this list.

Definitely one of the best but criminally overlooked songs by Green Day

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35 The Grouch

Best song on Nimrod, deserves more attention, incredibly catchy and all together a great song!

In my top 5 Green Day songs of all time. Hilarious.

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36 Last Night On Earth

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! So god yet so underrated

I looked for the name of this song for a long time. I'm so happy I found it. - shawnmccaul22

37 Scattered
38 In the End

This, Holden, Having a Blast, FOD, and their cover of My Generation where my final choices, but this song is so overlooked it sickens me

39 Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?

Totally underrated and is the best on kerplunk

40 Dirty Rotten Bastards
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