Most Underrated Guitar Brands

The guitars that are so great yet so ignored. It may be electric or acoustic.

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1 Epiphone

Best guitars for the price and of course they are not Gibson Squier. They have a larger history than Gibson and Fender.

The oldest and most underrated guitar brand. Les Paul build his first guitars in the epiphone factory.

Awesome guitars, people just thin thy are the squire if Gibson, and they are not

I have an AJ-100 & an AJ-220S. Both are great guitars. They swing way above their weight.

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2 Washburn

Washburn is underrated. But not to be in top 4. Washburn acoustic is quite cheap comparing to other brands. That's why it gets quite a lot of sales. - zxm

I have a WASHBURN PRO SERIES and it's a beauty and sounds good! The only complaint is my right hand always seems to hit the control knobs!

Had an acousic washburn and it had the best tone I have ever heard, now I have an electric and after putting in some new pickups (the guitar was old and they weren't in usable condition) it sounds fantastic

3 Paul Reed Smith/PRS

I have a gisbson les paul standard, gibson herb ellis 165, fender clapton custom shop blackie, and a paul reed smith custom 22. Prs is definitely in the top 123 ranking

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4 Ibanez

Why would some people look pass this? Why, is it because it is Asian? Please... Asian guitars are better than you think. - aeromaxx777

I use Ibanez Artcore 95 as Jazz guitar. Plays well and sounds great and looks great. Fraction of Gibsons which are over-rated. Gibson ES 175 and Es 335 I passed on years ago. They don't beat the Ibanez.

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5 Dean

What I like about Dean is that regardless of which model I pick up, the quality and sound is consistently good given its price point. I don't get that with other brands -- even Gibson and Fender.

Sorry dean was my Istanbul acoustic guitar and felt it had no life. Just a dull sounding acoustic guitar.

I had about 7 dead acoustic guitars in my life and a dean 12 string. They are amazing - Sabbath

I own 2 Dean USA guitars and 2 Korean models. I LOVE THEM... My USA Splittail is my favorite of all time. Try them you'll like them. The V neck is very comfortable.

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6 Martin

It all depends on what kind of player u are I'm a lead guitarist. Personally I will take a Taylor over Martin. Martins are great and have excellent lineage and long... They just don't have that punch and powerful sound in my opinion.

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7 Squier

The Classic Vibe series are consistently better than most MIM Fenders

Squires are like volkswagon beetles millions were made, but only one in a hundred is any good and one in a thousand is great the love bug effect

8 Fernandes

I have owned and handled several Fernandes. They were made in Japan at one point in the 1980s-90s and were rivals to Fender. Fernandes were not cheaply made. they were real quality in every way. Get one from Japan or Korea and you are getting a real guitar, well made with good pickups.

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9 Crafter

I have a crafter guitar.
Sound 10/10
Looks 9/10
Quality 9/10
They are fabulous, handmade guitars, I wouldn't trade mine for any other guitar, but still very underrated

I've been playing for 42 years now, I tried a Crafter and was amazed! It's as good as all the guitars I've played through the years!

Yep even my Martin playing friends rate mine

I bought a Crafter TCO35 and was surprised. Superb sound for its price. Easy to play. My advice, play a Crafter guitar first before buying the Taylors and Martins. Will save you a lot.

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10 Alvarez

Won't give you the best performance. But yeah, its underrated based on its performance. - zxm

The Contenders

11 Mitchell

I bought a Mitchell exotic wood and I love everything about from the way it sound to the way it plays. definitely not a bad brand and way underrated

12 Kramer

Duh? Should be number 2. Ibanez? Really? How are they underrated? They are very popular and most people like them. Kramer, however, isn't nearly as popular anymore, maybe they were in the 80s, but now, not so much. Seriously, they are great guitars, and super underrated.

It's better than u think

13 Jackson

I bought a Jackson Model 6 and it is one of the easiest guitars to play! It is light and fast the tone wood is O.K. Nice electronics, Always smells new! I just don't like a floating bring, they are so temperamental for me I am always trying to find a balance between tuning and floating tremolo while staying in tune. The models after this one I have played uhh not so good, I don't even know If Jackson has anything to do with them anymore, I only had the one Model 6!

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14 Rickenbacker

Why are these so low on the list? Some of the greatest guitars out there. The only downside is how much they cost

I'm a 12-string player. Own 3, Talamine, Washnurn, and a 660-12 Ric. I also play a couple 6-strings. The Ric is the closest thing to the feel and playability of the 6-strings. I can play for hours with less fatigue. Lots of sustain. And of course Ric "jangle". (Vox AC15c1 helps) Works well for what I play most, (Gospel/P&W in a church setting). Sweet guitar. Well worth what it cost.

15 B.C. RICH
16 Michael Kelly

Best guitars available in that price range

"I'll put them up against any US made Gibson. "

These guitrs seriously deserve a top 5 guitar brands along with PRS, Gibson, Fender and Chapman Guitars

Just a well made guitar at good price. Patriot Q, I love it.

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17 Tanglewood

They have the most beautiful acoustics I have ever seen and they sound better than any I've owned too.

Got A 12 year old ns15 bought new best acoustic dreadnought For the money very solid and play. Classic tone needs nothing to make it better

18 Godin

I'm talking electric guitars here. Originally entirely made in Canada (Quebec). Now assembled in the USA from Canadian made parts (to circumvent some trade restriction or something like that). These are beautiful, quality built instruments demonstrating craftsmanship and, for the money, exceptional tone. Even the Godin gig bag is one of the nicest on the market. Often overlooked, under rated and in my opinion way under priced. You owe it to yourself to check out the guitars your neighbours helped to build. You won't find a better value for your hard earned dollar!

These are not only underrated, but they are the best in my opinion, the tone you will get with a godin is far greater than any Gibson or Fender!

Without a doubt, Seagull are the best value for money acoustics out there. I am not saying that they compare to premium brands like Martin, Taylor or Collings, although some would argue that they do. For me, they play like butter, sound great and affordable to the man in the street.

Gibson, Fender, Taylor and Martin, names spoken loudly in any guitar conversation whether or not those involved have a clue. These names are spoken loudly, for they are Americana, Americana in one of it's purest forms. Like Chevy vs. Ford, Gibson vs. Fender and Taylor vs. Martin will always be argued by the clueless masses who are completely ignorant of anything outside of the USA's borders. However, there is now an interloper, one who snuck in and is hiding out in New Hampshire.
Spoken in the whispers of what are themselves whispers, names like Simon & Patrick, Art & Lutherie, Norman and Seagull. They dare not speak the Master's name for it evokes terror in the establishment. They've out-Fendered Fender and out-Gibsoned Gibson. With Gibson poised and ready to fall, soon the capital G of guitars will be... Godin.

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19 Chapman

INCREDIBLE GUITARS, just Google the Chapman ghost fret and you can thank me later.

These guitars are the best ones that you can get at a really good price, their tonality is insane and you couldn't ask for anyrhing else, Google the ml-3 traditional in blue

20 Danelectro

One of the guitar brands out there. Not a bad price for punch and beauty they pack in every model. With a Danelectro its hard to go wrong.

Don't look past this brand because of the affordability. The simplicity of these underrated guitars makes them great and distinct.

Very underrated brand. Basses have been used on countless recordings. Unmistakable sound to anyone who has played it whether loved or hated. Good for when people are tired of the p-bass sound!

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