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21 Mayones

Amazing craftsmanship goes into every single guitar they make. Second to none...

22 Alvarez

Won't give you the best performance. But yeah, its underrated based on its performance. - zxm

23 Hagström

They are great guitars I think they are better than gibson

24 Michael Kelly

Best guitars available in that price range

"I'll put them up against any US made Gibson. "

These guitrs seriously deserve a top 5 guitar brands along with PRS, Gibson, Fender and Chapman Guitars

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25 Samick

Superb build quality and tones.

26 Levinson Blade V 1 Comment
27 Grosmann
28 Breedlove

I own a AD25/SR Plus. I play live a couple times a month. This guitar plays and sounds amazing. I had the money to buy one of the higher end acoustics, but for the life of me I could not find one that could compete until you approached the $3k range. I am not paying that to replace a guitar I already love. Made in Korea but set up and QA'd in Oregon. Cannot be beat for the money.

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29 Stagg Music

Can you tell me how you would rate it

30 Peavey

I have a peavey zodiac that can go head to head with a fender any day

Great guitars. Underrated as heck

31 Fender

Underrated guitar brands!?! Fender? Someone didn't even bother to read the title on the list!

32 Oscar Schmidt

Great sound, many colors and models to choose from. Solid woods, even comes in some spalted designs. Been in business since the late 1800's. An overlooked source of quality guitars.

33 Mitchell

I bought a Mitchell exotic wood and I love everything about from the way it sound to the way it plays. definitely not a bad brand and way underrated

34 Gitano

Just got one on eBay for 86.00, and my husband loves it, his favorites are ibanez, Taylor, schecter, and he couldn't believe how well it plays, the neck is a bit larger but the sound is incredible, definitely should be on most under rated or never rated list,

35 L. Luthier
36 Lucero
37 Hoyer

Best bang on the buck. The Eagle Gold Top sounds better than a Les Paul Gold Top that is 4x the price.

38 Gibson V 1 Comment
39 Tanglewood

They have the most beautiful acoustics I have ever seen and they sound better than any I've owned too.

Got A 12 year old ns15 bought new best acoustic dreadnought For the money very solid and play. Classic tone needs nothing to make it better

40 Ashton
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