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21 Music Man

This brand has some of the best Guitars I've ever set my hands on (Especially the Music Man Majesty). It's such a versatile guitar that plays extremely smooth with amazing tone. I was completely mind-blown when I first got to play a Music Man. When playing a Music Man you'll fall in love with it. It's unlike any guitar that I've played, I have an Ibanez Prestige and it doesn't even compare to a Music Man. Definitely one of the most underrated.

I am a large individual, 6'1" & 275lbs. My hands feel like grapefruits with sausages stuck in them. When I pick up my Music Man Axis they definitely don't feel that way. Most of the guys I have played with tell me that I make the axis look tiny. It feels so good to play and the sound is very well balanced. the first time I picked one up, I was in love. I also have a Music Man Bongo 5 string bass. Sure the body styling isn't for everyone but you can take it from punchy squeal to plushy thick and everything in between. Save up and get a Music Man!

If you ain't played a Music Man than you ain't played man! I mean lets get real a stock Music Man sounds better than any Fender or Custom Shop Fender that's been injected with steroids or any Gibson which I might add have lost all traditional sound and quality due to cost cutting in manufacturing. It's called profit margin at consumers expense. So get a MM and feel the music it'll drip from your hands.

Most underrated and not talked about guitar by a long shot! These guitars are amazing machines! I have owned fender strats and still own an epiphone les paul and my music man Luke 3 blows them away in feel, comfort versatility and tone! I don't understand why more people don't have to them, and once you play one you will understand my frustration haha

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22 Agile

I have a few of these. The stock pickups need to be changed. Most of the stock pickups in guitars are not good. But for the money, I promise you... You will not find a better guitar for the buck!

Cheaper than an epiphone, as good as a Gibson (some say even better). The line AL-2000 outclasses epiphone, and the AL-3000 is the one that is as good or better than the overpriced Gibson.

Just got my Legacy 727 with Bare Knuckle Aftermaths already installed for $550.00. It plays sooo good. The look of it a rip off of an Ibanez Iron Label I've played before that cost over $1,000.00 and the pickups of a different Iron Label that is $1200.00. Best of both guitars at half the price. I have no idea why more people don't give them a try.

Check out these guitars @
I have been buying and playing these guitars since 2006. The prices will make your mouth water!

23 Reverend Guitars

Great tone and plays great. They are high quality guitars for reasonable price.

They make some quality guitars with an even better price tag. You should check them out! I own a Bayonet W and it rocks.

24 LTD

I have an upscale Korean LTD model that plays and sounds fantastic. I would put it second only to Epiphone as far as being extremely underrated for its quality to price ratio

In terms of tonewood, electronics, looks, and playability, they are easily the nicest guitars in their price range and even compare quite well to their Japanese made ESP counterparts.

Love me a good ec-1000 w 61,80's great shredder & comfortable

I have a LTD MH-1000 NT and it is on par with my PRS and my les paul, as my LTD has Seymour Duncan 59/JBs and I got it for $700

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25 Mayones

Amazing craftsmanship goes into every single guitar they make. Second to none...

26 Hagström

They are great guitars I think they are better than gibson

27 Samick

Superb build quality and tones.

28 Levinson Blade V 1 Comment
29 Grosmann
30 Breedlove

I own a AD25/SR Plus. I play live a couple times a month. This guitar plays and sounds amazing. I had the money to buy one of the higher end acoustics, but for the life of me I could not find one that could compete until you approached the $3k range. I am not paying that to replace a guitar I already love. Made in Korea but set up and QA'd in Oregon. Cannot be beat for the money.

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31 Stagg Music

Can you tell me how you would rate it

32 Peavey

I have a peavey zodiac that can go head to head with a fender any day

Great guitars. Underrated as heck

33 Oscar Schmidt

Great sound, many colors and models to choose from. Solid woods, even comes in some spalted designs. Been in business since the late 1800's. An overlooked source of quality guitars.

34 Gitano

Just got one on eBay for 86.00, and my husband loves it, his favorites are ibanez, Taylor, schecter, and he couldn't believe how well it plays, the neck is a bit larger but the sound is incredible, definitely should be on most under rated or never rated list,

35 L. Luthier
36 Lucero
37 Hoyer

Best bang on the buck. The Eagle Gold Top sounds better than a Les Paul Gold Top that is 4x the price.

38 Gibson V 1 Comment
39 Fender

Fender is the second most popular brand. How come this is underrated? - zxm

Underrated guitar brands!?! Fender? Someone didn't even bother to read the title on the list!

40 Ashton
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