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121 Bulls on Parade - Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine)
122 Have a Nice Day - Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi)
123 The Killing Road - Marty Friedman & Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)
124 Starrider - Mick Jones (Foreigner)

I didn't appreciate Mick as a great guitarist until I heard this solo... Just blew me away, especially the live versions. - bighercules

125 Hands - Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal

Despite all the hate around new G'N'R members, most people never tap into his solo stuff, and the hands solo is just an example how underrated is Bumblefoot.

126 Twilight of the Thunder God - Alexi Laiho (Amon Amarth)
127 Crystal Mountain - Chuck Schuldiner (Death)
128 Comfortably Numb - David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

This list would never be complete without the great David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. He had shown us for many years that he can and could pull off a very nerve chilling solo, and Comfortably Numb is the target. The solo is a continuous three minutes of suspense and depressing notes from a psychedelic mind-flowing 'lunatic' who refuses to hide his inner talent, and placed the song to a comfortable number one spot for more than fifteen years. Since then his solo gradually became one of the top solos in the world. If no one agrees for this solo, then there will be a major consequence

129 No More Hell to Pay - Michael Sweet (Stryper)
130 Master Exploder - Jack Black (Tenacious D)
131 My Back Pages - Roger McGuinn
132 Muffin Man - Frank Zappa V 1 Comment
133 Brighton Rock - Brian May
134 Walk All Over You - Angus Young

Most underrated song ever, solo is one of the greatest guitar solos of all time - ACDC-

135 True Love Tends to Forget - Bob Dylan

It may be a short one but it's still amazing. - BrianScott01

136 One Foot Out the Door - Eddie Van Halen

One of the greatest guitar solos I've ever heard, and it never gets a lot of credit for how great it is - vinniedamiri

137 Spread Your Wings - Brian May (Queen)

Ends with a beautiful solo. - zxm

138 Stargazer - Ritchie Blackmore (Rainbow)
139 Limelight - Alex Lifeson (Rush)
140 Homage for Satan - Deicide (Ralph Santolla)
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