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81 Randy Rhoads Randy Rhoads Randall William "Randy" Rhoads was an American heavy metal guitarist who played with Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot.

So inspirational and most underrated guitarest ever. Known by few, beloved by many.R.I. P Randy Rhoads

So much talent and died too soon. Only 25 years of age. That was too young.

The greatest guitarist of all time. Period end of story

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82 Gary Holt Gary Holt

Gary Holt is FAR AWAY the most underrated guitarist. His skills are amazing, that's why he is the chosen one for replacing Jeff Hanemann in Slayer..

Best thrash metal guitarist ever. Why is dave mustaine on this list? Good? Yes. Underrated? Absolutly not. - Toothgrinder

83 Guthrie Govan Guthrie Govan

A MONSTER player...and one of the nicest guys in the world! #89? Don't make me laugh...

If you like Guthrie Govan, then you should check out Shawn Lane. Lane inspired and influenced Govan. - nickolie

84 Johnny Greenwood - Radiohead

Too talented to be just called a guitarist

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85 Geno Lenardo
86 Vivian Campbell - Def Leppard Vivian Campbell - Def Leppard Vivian Patrick Campbell is a Northern Irish rock guitarist. He came to prominence in the early 1980s as a member of Dio, and has been a member of Def Leppard since 1992.

His work with dio is better than anything mustaine has ever done

87 Lincoln Brewster

The king guitarist of Christian contemporary music with amazing songs like Let Your Glory Shine, All To You, Miraculum, Today Is The Day, Everlasting God and much more. Truly a blessed person and surely one of the best guitarists in today's world.

88 Neal Schon Neal Schon Neal Joseph Schon is an American rock guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist best known for his work with the bands Journey and Bad English. He is Journey's last original constant member, having participated in every album and tour to date.

If you really get int a lot of journey stuff, he has some pretty amazing stuff, especially in song like "Walks Like a Lady, " "Of a Lifetime, " and "I'm Gonna Leave You. "

89 Andrew Latimer

Not simply his outstanding soulful guitar playing but its two fold its a combination of his outstanding variation of music writing and meaningful non repetitive music that simply set him above most other artists

His melodic playing is filled with such subtle, yet strong emotion. Camel is also one of the little known, but great bands from the 70's ala "Snow Goose"... A masterpiece from start to finish.

His entire band is very underrated, but his guitar playing completely demonstrates why. His solos on Lady Fantasy tell listeners a reason why.

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90 Nuno Bettencourt Nuno Bettencourt

The fact that he is not even listed on here shows how underrated he is. Flight of the Bumblebee!

By now Nuno is better than Eddie Van Halen just watch him play

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91 Keith Richards Keith Richards Keith Richards is an English musician—primarily a guitarist—singer, songwriter, best-selling memoirist, and founding member of the rock band The Rolling Stones.
92 James Young - Styx
93 Alvin Lee Alvin Lee V 1 Comment
94 Joe Satriani Joe Satriani

Out of all the "shredders" out there, Joe is the one with the most soul.

I haven't even heard him on the radio. I've only heard his music through streaming and cd's. He's an AMAZING guitarist!

95 Michael Romeo Michael Romeo Michael James Romeo is an American guitarist and a founding member of the progressive metal group Symphony X.
96 Brian Setzer

This guy has to figure among the top 20 best guitar players ever. If you've already seen him play live, you'll know what I mean.

You are kidding he is way down here.. really? He is one of the best there is..

He isn't only one of the best Rockabilly guitariats, he's also one of the best guitarists ever. It's incredible what he can do wirh his Gretch.

97 Robby Krieger Robby Krieger Robert Alan "Robby" Krieger is an American guitarist and singer-songwriter best known as the guitarist of the rock band the Doors, and as such has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. V 1 Comment
98 Mike Campbell V 1 Comment
99 MIck Jones

His guitar work on London Calling is so passionate and melodic.

100 Ron Woods - Rolling Stones
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