It's Supposed to be UNDERRATED Vocalists

It's sad I had to waste my vote on this... I love how it says the most "undrrated" METAL vocalist and we get some of the most overrated (or correctly rated depending on how you view it) commercial metal vocalists available mixed with EXTREMELY commercial rock vocalists..

Avenged Sevenfold HAVEN'T been A metal band for A very long time and their vocalists is less talented than your average metal vocalist.

Ronnie James Dio is always one of the first THREE vocalists mentioned when talking about "talented clean vocalists in metal"

Disturbed are yet again NOT A metal band... and the vocalist is no more talented than lil Wayne is at guitar

Rob halford... another one of the three (Along with bruce. )

Phil ansemo is most certainly A metal vocalists but as far as growling vocals has poor technique and let's be honest the shouting vocals he uses (later on. ) aren't hard to replicate... and not to mention HIM and RANDY BLYTHE are like the only two harsh metal vocalists mentioned.

Oh dear... ACDC is not A metal band

To be fair Ian Gillan is underrated but he isn't exactly extremely talented either.

I love bruce but he's not underrated in the slightest... as I mentioned earlier.

Ozzy Osbourne underrated...

Not commenting on Steelheart

David Mustaine I have to agree isn't A very MENTIONED vocalist... but he isn't extremely talented either (although easily above vocalists like the one from disturbed.. )

Matt tuck from bullet for my valentine to be fair isn't known widely throughout the metal community and again to be fair HE CAN SING as well as perform harsh vocals (well sort of. ) he's more talented than A lot on this list but I'm happy he's not in the top 10


Ah lastly Randy Blythe... one of the most overrated metal vocalists (and the MOST overrated metal harsh vocalist. ) He shows poor growling technique (and live in fact just shouts with slight amounts of distortion. ) and his voice recedes when he tries to scream... To be fair to him he's more talented than A couple of these guys but shouldn't have gotten A mention.


the best and most relevant comment I've ever read on this site. Agree 100%. - Metal_Treasure

Only thing I have to disagree with you is Disturbed. They are metal, not the best band, but they are metal... - ryanrimmel