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1 Somewhere in Time

I have never understood the lack of acclaim for this album. I will admit that is isn't as good as their best 80's work (Killers & Number Of The Beast), but that's no reason to dismiss out of the gate. The songs are strong as a whole, including some underrated classics like Caught Somewhere In Time & Alexander The Great just to name a few. Meanwhile, the production and vocals as still as strong as ever, and on top of this, it's nice to see Maiden experiment. Sure the inclusion of synthesisers may have made it more of its time than their other releases, but it still shows progression in their sound, and they are far better with such components here than on other albums (i.e. the overrated Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son). Not their best 80's work, but undeservedly forgotten, Maiden's SIT delivers the goods when it counts. - Mrveteran

Great album love so much

I really do not understand why "Somewhere in Time" is so underrated! It's a phenomenal record an one of Maiden's finest to date! 1986 was a great year for heavy metal! M/ Up the iron!

10 years since I am listening to Iron Maiden, my God they are best, The Number of the Beast, Powerslave, Fear of the Dark, then all their albums recorded from 1999 to today July 2016. Just as I have been admiring their latest classy album The Book of Souls, I just accidentally gave time to "The Lonliness of the long distance runner", I immediately fell in love with it. Then I listened to other songs as well, ohh myyy Godd, I immediately felt how, I mean, how underrated the album really is. Great album. All those looking for next album of any great band, just listen to this masterpiece, you will surely love the album.

2 The X Factor

If Dickinson was the vocalist this record would be generally well-regarded, and Sign of the Cross would be a staple of every show (that's not promoting a new album) instead of an occasional occurrence. Bayley did a fine job here and while he's the weakest of the Iron Maiden discography's 3 vocalists, he's by no means a bad singer, just a different one than Maiden fans (and apparently, Maiden themselves) were used to. He tended to sound bad in live shows because his naturally lower voice made it harder for him to reach the same notes as Dickinson, and the rest of the band didn't down-tune to make up for it. Aside from that, it's a very good Iron Maiden release that quite honestly, eclipses a number of their modern releases.

While not as good as their other albums, this one is their most underrated effort. While people will defend their other albums, this one seems to have no support from anyone. And it does have its faults admittedly, including some weak songs here and there and how Bayley was the wrong choice for the band, and in some of the songs his lack of truly powerful vocals becomes rather apparent (Sign Of The Cross being the main casualty). However, I will say that despite this, this album is quite good in other respects. A lot of the tracklist delivers and it has far more energy and passion put into it than Maiden's other 90's albums, and even though he was the wrong choice, Bayley at least gives his new position a good stab and it does it rather well. to be honest, if it were Dickinson doing the vocals, the backlash perhaps wouldn't be so harsh. As such, it's definitely their underrated gem. - Mrveteran

Come on. Sign Of The Cross, Man On The Edge, Lord Of The Flies, Aftermath, Edge Of Darkness and 2. Am. All these songs are underrated classics.
With Bruce on vocals it would have been considered to be their best album.
Blaze did a great job on this one and on Virtual XI.

Up the Irons and Blaze!

There's several songs on here that should be getting played live instead of the same old stuff they play every tour.

3 Virtual XI

Futereal. The Clansman. Como Estais Amigos. All three of these songs show Bayley's prowess in music. While The Angel and the Gambler, Don't Look To the Eyes of a Stranger, and other tracks are abyssmal, the three I mentioned first make up for that totally.

Without a doubt their most underrated album. This album has numerous gems, like the epic the Clansman, Futureal, Como Estais Amigos, the Educated Fool, Lightning Strikes twice... And only one weak song in my opinion (The Angel and the Gambler, which would have been AS bad without the repetitive chorus, but still genuinely bad).

Very underrated

If "The Angel and the Gambler" wasn't on this album then it'd be perfect. Not because of the slowly building repetition (it works perfectly in "Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger
"), but because it's a weak ass song to begin with.

Apart from that abomination this release is perfect, even better than the X-Factor.

4 Matter of Life & Death

Very underrted, is the best Iron Maiden album of the 2000's, and it is in my top 5 Iron Maiden albums for sure, just listen to songs like The Longest Day, The Legacy, For the Greater Good of God, Brighter Than a Thousands Suns, These Colors Don't Run, I mean, is full of masterpieces.

The "Somewhere in Time" of post 2000 Maiden, superior to his peers from a musical standpoint.

This album has every classic Maiden element from start to finish. No filler here. One of their best period! Whats up with the two X crap releases doing on the list? It's not Maiden without Bruce. that's like cornflakes with the milk. UP THE IRONS!

5 Dance of Death

A very varied album, with great song quality throughout and songs that don't outstay their welcome. It's the only album since Bruce rejoining the band that has some real straight up rockers (by this I don't mean the obligatory 4 minute opening single but proper songs like No More Lies & Montsegur). The other post 2000 albums rock in parts but songs are mostly too drawn out. It has got a ballad that works (Journeyman), some songs that veer a bit more to the prog side (for example, Face In The Sand which has a great intro) and a great epic (Paschendale) which is all the more effective because not every song is trying to be an epic like on A Matter Of Life Or Death. Definitely my favourite album of the 2nd Bruce era.

Has some of Maiden's best songs on it (Dance of Death and Paschendale), some pretty decent ones (Rainmaker, No More Lies, Journeyman and Age of Innocence - The most underrated Maiden music) and overall is a good album.

Great album. How is somewhere in time #1? That album is not under rated it is very popular.

Such a great album, and such little love... It's more "prog metal" than heavy metal but this stuff is epic! - BimmyJim

6 Fear of the Dark

Some of the best Maiden songs ever on this album.

This one no prayer and Killers and underrated

This album has Fear of the Dark and Afraid to Shoot Strangers. There are underrated songs such as Judas Be My Guide, Be Quick or Be Dead, and Wasting Love. Definitely the Bruce album that criminally gets pushed away.

I couldn't name you a bad song on Fear of the Dark. This album rocks. I think people just say this album is bad because is more 'rocker' and because they don't like to admit that Gers made a excellent job on this one.

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7 Brave New World

Just so melodious. Just listen to "The Nomads" for the starter. I can't tell how beautiful and melodious this album really is.

The wicker man, blood brothers and ghost of the navigator are strait masterpieces

It is their best album!

Not a bad song here, amazing consistency.
There are a few songs that get a nice recongnition such as the wicker man and blood brothers but others don't. Tracks like Nomad, Thin line, Ghost of Navigator,; Out of the silent planet, Dream of Mirrors and self tittled could've all became classics if the band gave them more attention.
The band itself doesn't play enoguh songs off this album on tours.

It's in my top 5 maiden albums and the most underrated,only behind SiT of course

8 No Prayer for the Dying

I couldn't name you a bad song on this album

I love this album, not their best but not their worst I think it is more interesting than "Fear of the Dark"

Solid songwriting, more varied vocals, great production, what's not to like?

My god this should be 4 this album doesn't suck but it has mistake
1 tailgunner 10/10
2 holy smoke 8/10
3 npftd 9/10
4 public enema number 1 (I don't know how to spell it) 8/10
5 fates warning 5/10
6 the assassin 10/10
7 run silent run deep 10/10
8 hooks in you 10/10
9 bydtts 8/10
10 mother Russia 10/10

9 Killers

Extremely underrated. Out of the two Di'anno albums, this one is by far the best but sadly also the most overlooked. Most of the reviews I've seen for this album are positive, but the main consensus is that this is the weaker of the two albums. Stereogum for instance says that the album gives off "there's the unavoidable feeling that Killers is comprised of leftovers". I beg to differ personally. Not only is this album far better than its predecessor, it's one of Maiden's best albums. While their debut was the sound of a band without an identity, this album gives Maiden their own distinct sound and is very tight and focused as a result. Meanwhile, Di'anno has gotten far better. He sounds more comfortable in his role and reaches some incredible high notes at some points. A fantastic album overall and a great addition to the Maiden cannon. - Mrveteran

Personally this is my favourite Maiden album. Classics such as Wrathchild, Murders in the Rue Morgue, Genghis Khan, Killers and of course my favourite Maiden song of all time PURGATORY. Most of the people tend to forget about Di�'Anno while I think he has been the best vocalist in the history of Maiden (All my respects to Mr. Dickinson who has been the one that catapulted the Irons to where they are now). To conclude, I need to say I have a special place in my heart for this album. Up the Irons!

10 Book of Souls

Seriously doe, this album is seen from one of Iron Maiden's best albums.

Every Song of this Album is amazing!

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11 The Final Frontier

In my opinion is one of the best Maiden albums. Top 5.

I think this might be the second best maiden album of the 21st century (after Brave New World of vourse).

12 Iron Maiden
13 Piece of Mind

And don't forget Nicko's first Kick Arse Outing with the boys...

A magnificent masterpiece; true British Heavy Metal in all it's wonderous dual guitar, galloping bassline, air raid siren singing glory!

14 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

Best Album with Best Songs. Love it a lot. Best of the Best brings me Goose Bumps Never get fed up listening to the Songs on and on.

15 Powerslave
16 Number of the Beast

Overrated. Don't get me wrong, it's a great album, because of classics like Hallowed Be Thy Name or Number of the Beast, but Powerslave, at least in my opinion, is much more consistent with it's song quality. - Metarock

Ah, yes. CRIMINALLY underrated. Like it couldn't get any MORE acclaim.

UNDERRATED? this is (even though it's my 3rd favorite) the most OVERrated iron maiden album

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