Most Underrated Janet Jackson Songs


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1 Come Back to Me

This song was all romantic. You could understand the lyrics and how she was feeling and they did it in the most couple spot Paris this is the best song of hers. LOVE YOU

One of my favorite ballads ever. Thank you dear Janet - Irina2932

2 Love Will Never Do (Without You)

Its Just always been my favorite song by janet jackson!

Should have been much bigger hit - Irina2932

3 Just a Little While

One of her best songs in 2000's - Irina2932

4 Feedback

One of my all time favorites from Janet. Another song to be added to the list is "Because Of Love", another one of my favorite songs by Janet.

Also don't forget the song "Enjoy"

This song should have been a huge hit and would have been had radio given it a chance and her label stuck with the song. One of the best contemporary songs of the decade.

This song rocks and I don't care what haters said about it - Irina2932

This song is amazing, it has a delicious beat, great sound and it's amazing.

5 Every Time

I love Janet's sweet voice here so much - Irina2932

6 I Get Lonely
7 Twenty Foreplay

Great but so underrated - Irina2932

8 Make Me
9 You Want This

I completely agree on this song! This song was a big hit at the time, yet it always seems to be forgotten. She didn't include it on the greatest hits album even and rarely performs it live. I love this one.

Why does this song get forgotten so often? It isn't even on the greatest hits collections. I love this one.

My personal favorite track from "Janet" - Irina2932

10 Any Time, Any Place V 1 Comment

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11 Island Life

Prefect song for relaxing at the end of the day
Honestly this entire album is very underrated

12 Because of Love

One of her most underrated songs, even though it was a pop hit, its not one that is performed live often and not one people often remember. I love the beat and rhythm to the song.

This is one of my favorites! Very underrated...!

I love this song. One of her best.

13 Someone to Call My Lover
14 Together Again
15 Young Love

It had a nice beat. Just makes you want to groove every time you hear it. I just really love the song. Every time I hear it I feel like I am at the soul train

16 Control

This song was great/ It teaches a lot of people your responsible to do things your own. And produced by jimmy jam and Terry Lewis they were the jam back in the day. It's in the name Jimmy Jam. 1986 control

17 That's the Way Love Goes
18 No Sleeep
19 What Have You Done for Me Lately

Best dance song!

20 My Baby V 1 Comment
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