Most Underrated Jean-Claude Van Damme Movies


The Top Ten

1 The Quest

Great fight scenes from different cultures. This movie was criminally underrated - Alexandr

2 Timecop

Deserved much bigger fame - Alexandr

3 Hard Target
4 Maximum Risk

This one should be higher, fun story, some great fight scenes, and descent acting - germshep24

5 Cyborg

Yes it was low budget but still good for its level - Alexandr

6 Kickboxer

Why is kickboxer on this list, outside of Bloodsport this is his most popular movie with Universal Soldier alongside it - germshep24

Another superaction that should've been a big hit - Alexandr

Really should have been a big hit it spawned countless sequels and the reprisal of his role as a mentor, sorry that is not underrated - germshep24

7 Replicant

I love the way he plays 2 different roles - Alexandr

8 Nowhere to Run
9 Double Team
10 Legionnaire

Van Damme finally showed some dramatic acting and it was great but still under-estimated - Alexandr

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