Most Underrated Judas Priest Songs

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The Top Ten Most Underrated Judas Priest Songs

Cathedral Spires

An amazing heavy metal masterpiece that really showcased the talent of Priest's other vocalist, Tim Ripper Owens. Why people disrespect him and the Ripper era of Priest I'll never know, most should really consider giving the man another chance

It's Tim ripper Owens on vocals

Great song! I personally prefer Bullet Train, but this is the other gem hidden in the Ripper era. Also, it's not Halford...

A masterpiece and Tim's vocals here are amazing - christangrant

In Between
One Shot at Glory

I LOVE this song! It was a nice way to end the Painkiller album and will always be my favorite! It's a sham when I bring up this song no one really knows what I talk about...

Rob's Voice in this song is just hilarious.
Great Riffs, Great Drumming and Great Singing!

Future of Mankind
Call for the Priest

Man... This could easily be their first speed metal song instead of exciter. It has double bass, fast riffing with some palm muting between the open chords.
I think it's their most overlooked song in their catalogue.

Raw Deal

This song is written about Rob Halford's sexuality. He described it as his way of "letting people know".

"I made a spike about nine o'clock on a Saturday,
all eyes hit me as I walked into the bar.
The Steeley leather guys were foolin with the denim dudes.
A couple cards played rough stuff, New York, Fire Island! "

Make sense now? - IronSabbathPriest


I think every 70s Priest song should be on this list. It's criminally underrated.

The scream at the end gives me chills every time!

And with 37% of the votes.

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Close to You

Is the lesse known judas priest song and the is a great hit, is my second favorite judas priest songs

Burn In Hell
Stained Class

My favorite track on stained class

Hell Patrol
Rocka Rolla

This song is very catchy! Very impressive for one of their first songs, it's one of my favorites!

Pestilence and Plague
The Ripper

Not to say they song isn't popular, but I think it should be more than it already is. It has a very eerie vibe to it, especially during the bridge! Popular, but not popular enough.

This song should also be listened from the live album:unleashed in the east.

It's way better then "Painkiller", and "Breaking The Law" - hype

Run of the Mill

Most underrated song of all time

Even though Rocka Rolla isn't one of Priest's stronger albums, this song really stands out.

Great most don't know it forgive them for ignorance

The last 2 minutes are the best I have heard from Halforn in his entire career

Fire Burns Below
Rapid Fire

An epic opening to an amazing album, This song is my favorite off the album and I wish it was put on more hits albums

Love Bites
One for the Road

Barely anyone knows it because it's on Rocka Rolla which was pretty underwhelming overall, but this is just so good for what it is.

Glad to see a great song from a criminally underrated album is represented at #1. You are not a real Priest fan if you don't know Rocka Rolla


My favorite song off of angel of retribution.

This is a masterpiece, just listen at the solo!

Between the Hammer & the Anvil

The sinner... will testify

Heavy Metal

An under rated epic song from ram it down

Pain and Pleasure

I catch myself singing this every now and then, it's actually not bad. Not their best but by far their worst!

One On One
All Guns Blazing
Parental Guidance

Great song. And to the guy commenting on cathederal spires the song is sung by Ripper Owens, not Rob Halford

This song is sung by halford, it's off the turbo album, which is sung by rob halford.

Dissident Aggressor

One of the heaviest metal songs of the 70s. - Metal_Treasure

Night Comes Down

Underrated even for this list!

Prisoner of Your Eyes
Lost Love
Screaming for Vengeance
Heart of a Lion

A brilliant song that was a high point in the Tim 'Ripper' Owens era.

Judas Rising

This song is a masterpiece... I can't believe it is not even at the Top 10 of this list.
It meant the huge return of Rob Halford to the band and what a way to come back!

Living Bad Dreams
Leather Rebel

Owh my god its even underrated in the underrated list

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