Most Underrated Kate Beckinsale Movies

The Top Ten

1 Laurel Canyon

I agree, but she's Always beautiful. Not only in this movie. Also besides that she is doing a great acting job in this movie.

She is so beautiful here - Alexandr

2 Van Helsing

Did get many bad critics but I really don't understand why. I think this movie is very good.

Very cool but still underrated movie. Kate looks fantastic - Alexandr

3 Snow Angels
4 Brokedown Palace
5 Whiteout

I don't understand why so many critics hated this film - Alexandr

The highlight in this movie is Kate Beckinsale stripping in her underwear wich should melt all the snow in the rest of the movie. Not a supergreat movie but not bad either.
I found it very entertaining.

6 Vacancy

Scared Kate is even more beautiful - Alexandr

7 Shooting Fish

Very underrated movie. If this movie would get properly publicity I'm sure it will be more appreciate by moviefans. Should become a cultmovie.

8 Uncovered

Not so bad in fact despite the critics who rather forget this movie. And it got great nude scenes of Kate Beckinsale wich is Always a Delight to see.

9 Emma

Much better than the fake English Gwyneth Paltrow version. At least Kate Beckinsale is a real English rose and hundred times more beautiful. If you have to choose between the Kate B. Version or the Gwyneth P. Version, go without a doubt for the more talented Kate Beckinsale.

10 The Last Days of Disco

Great acting of Kate Beckinsale and Chlöe Sevigny, but the moviescript really sucks.
All this theories about how disco is like almost a philosophy for yuppies. What's that all about?

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