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1 Don't Waste Your Time

The most underrated song by KELLY CLARKSON... Too conclude it.. It's a song about moving on from someone whom break your trust...

2 Behind These Hazel Eyes

It drives me crazy that songs like this don't get more recognition! LOVE this song, love songs like Stronger too, but the overlooked tracks have that something that makes them stand out from the crowd. I guess people wanna just go mainstream. Try new music people!

I love this song. It's one of my favorites. Kelly Clarkson is my favorite female singer because she's one of those singers with nothing wrong with them. She's awesome. But this is my favorite song from her. I love it, you go Kelly. You go. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Thanks to her more popular songs like Because of You, Since U been Gone and Breakaway, people might have forgotten that Hazel Eyes existed. - xxpizzasrlifexx

I wouldn't call this overrated. This and Since U Been Gone were all I heard when Breakaway came out.

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3 People Like Us
4 Invincible
5 Breakaway

I agree, I was just a little kid when I heard this song for the first time, but it is easily one of my favorites

This song isn't underrated, in fact it is one of Kelly's most famous ones up to today. - xxpizzasrlifexx

The first song I ever heard by Kelly. Still amazing and uplifting.

Amazing song that conveys immense meaning!

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6 Sober

Beautiful album, beautiful song. Showcases Kelly's vocal and writing talents. She has so many great songs, but My December's songs are amazing.

This song shows why she was the rightful winner of Idol.

7 I Do Not Hook Up
8 Dark Side
9 One Minute
10 All I Ever Wanted

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11 Go

I'm not a big fan of such songs like this one but Kelly made it look/sound wonderful - Irina2932

12 Walk Away

Walk Away is so sassy and soulful, yet so many people underestimate its awesomeness. Everyone should hear this song if they want to know what real music from real talent is!

13 Already Gone

One of my favorites by Kelly. - theOpinionatedOne

14 The Trouble With Love Is
15 You Love Me


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16 Alone

Should have been a single! Great song!

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17 If I Can't Have You
18 Addicted
19 Hear Me
20 Let Me Down
21 The Day We Fell Apart
22 Mr. Know It All

I love this song, it is very true, and beautiful

23 Cry

This song is about knowing what it really feels like to cry.

24 Impossible
25 Fading
26 Tie It Up
27 Chivas
28 Where Is Your Heart

Such a beautiful song and her voice sounds so venerable. One of the best songs of all time. - kdog426

29 Long Shot
30 Underneath the Tree

Just look it up! The lyrics are about feeling that Christmas means nothing if "he" isn't with you. And the cover is great :-D

31 Beautiful Disaster

I think that this is one of the most beautiful songs, and you should listen to it on YouTube live

32 Since U Been Gone
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1. Breakaway
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1. Invincible
2. People Like Us
3. Don't Waste Your Time


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