Most Underrated Kids Movies

These are kids' movies that were not successful or just simply not as popular as it should've been.

The Top Ten

1 Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron

This movie has the ability to teach ethics and morals to children and adults, also has the ability to to teach right from wrong! The movie was only down played because it was not a disney movie

This is was my favorite movie as a kid and it still is one of my favorites today. It's sad that it seems that its almost completely forgotten about at this point

This movie is amazing!
It has good music, a good story and a good intro.
The music in this movie is by Bryan Adams - Ajkloth

2 The Rescuers Down Under

Most underrated Disney film of all time. So unknown it often doesn't even make it on those underrated Disney film lists.

3 The Great Mouse Detective
4 Oliver and Company

This movie made my childhood! It also taught me at a very young age that it's perfectly fine to be different and accept those different from you.

5 Antz
6 Thomas and the Magic Railroad

I was so upset when I heard that this movie got bashed by critics everywhere. This was one of my favorite movies of my childhood, and this applies for many other people, as I've heard this from many people on the Internet. Critics probably hate this because they don't see this movie from a kids point of view, and they just think it's a ridiculous, normal movie.

The nostalgia critic crushed my childhood memories with his review of this movie.

Kids love Thomas the tank engine.

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7 Lucky & Zorba
8 The Emperor's New Groove

Llama's! I love this movie and the show, not classic but close to that! - PugLlama

Even parents can enjoy this comical masterpiece!

This is respectable, but I hate the show.

9 The Road to El Dorado

El dorado means gold - Ajkloth

This should be No. 1.

10 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Contenders

11 The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
12 The NeverEnding Story
13 Dinosaur (2000)
14 Robots

VERY underrated movie that is comparable to even Pixar's work.

15 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Who cares if some of it is inaccurate to books 1-3.
I think I remember Harry Potter books made into the films.
So Count Olaf was more comical than scary.
How about Dumbledores reaction to Harry's name put in the Goblet of Fire.

16 The Boxtrolls

Extremely underrated on Goanimate I never found a good reason to hate it. - Discord1

17 Arthur Christmas
18 The Fox and the Hound
19 Rio
20 Home On the Range
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