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1 From the Inside From the Inside Cover Art

It's amazing, one of LP's best, and yet so unappreciated. I love the part when Chester screams the word you a bunch of times.

I will never understand why this song is so underrated, there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever, seriously it is so much better than other Linkin Park songs. - lukestheman4

No it's forgotten that's so underrated ITS FORGOTTEN but I really like this song

I don't like it as much as some other songs such as papecut, but never the less, a great songs and needs more credit.

2 The Little Things Give You Away The Little Things Give You Away Cover Art

Little things give you away is definitely one of their most underrated songs as well as the album (minutes to midnight) its self. Their fans just don't understand the message of it and they compare it to songs from their previous albums..

From the inside is not underrated most people know it...the little things give you away however is severely's a masterpiece and when they perform it live, or used to it was incredible

God this is want of my favourite songs its so epic. I love the chorus
All you've ever wanted was someone
To truly look out for you and
6 feet underwater
I do

The lyrics are so damn good and after Chesters passing they mean much more to me. And there is a guitar solo! A guitar solo from Linkin Park. It's not a very technicaly solo but it's simple and good

3 Easier to Run Easier to Run Cover Art

It is so great. One of the best Linkin Park songs, and definitely very underrated. Delson's harmonics and Phoenix's bass lines counter each other melodically but fit together very cohesively. Bennington's backing vocals on this song is one of his best; his high voice compliments his own voice and Shinoda's rapping with pure ingenuity. One of their softer songs, but underrated nontheless. I'd say this is one of their best songs, let alone in that album.

I just had to vote for this. Linkin Park Has do many feet songs, it's hard to pick one, but it all comes to easier to run, a beautiful song that never gets played live and needs to be.

The Best SONG THE Lyrics are so beautiful

This song will give you goosebumps!

4 Figure.09 Figure.09 Cover Art

"And now you become part of me"
Best Underatted song!

Oh I love this song so much! This is one of my favourite.

Definitely this one!

I love this song...

5 A Place for My Head A Place for My Head Cover Art

I personally like this song better than Crawling and One Step Closer, it's one of their best

A Place For My Head is amazing, trust me! 'You try to take the best of me, GO AWAY! '

Chester screams with such great intensity that makes everybody go emotional and crazy!

Most LP song in my opinion. Period. Last part 'Try to take the best of me' is probably my favorite LP verse.

6 Blackout

Great vocal performances from both Chester and Mike. The keyboard/piano rhythms are amazing and very memorable. Very underrated.

7 Lying from You Lying from You Cover Art

Meteora has got the best songs. This one's really good.

One of their most rythmic songs. Top song on my repeat list. I keep screaming "YOOUUU" when it plays.

8 Carousel
9 Lost in the Echo Lost in the Echo Cover Art

This is like one of my most favourite songs ever. It's just perfect. It's my ringtone and I never feel like picking up any calls!

10 Burning In the Skies Burning In the Skies Cover Art

'I used the deadwood to make the fire rise, THE BLOOD OF INNOCENCE BURNING IN THE SKIES...' Another amazing song by the best band ever- Linkin Park.

One of my most favourite songs.

Wow I tried and its great

Amazing song, and nice solo... Saddly it's like 'fast food'. At beggining you think it's bad, and only after you manage to understand the song.

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11 Blackbirds Blackbirds Cover Art

This song is so amazing and like many songs on this album terribly underrated

This song is great. It sounds like it belongs on Minutes To Midnight. The lyrics are really deep too.

I totally love this song. I suggest you all hear this. The lyrics are deep.
'With Blackbirds following me
I'm digging out my grave
They close in, swallowing me
The pain, it comes in waves
I'm getting back what I gave'

12 Given Up

Everything about this song is so addicting: the fast pace, the heavy guitars, the chorus and that scream, that scream! 17 damn seconds!

'Put me out of my misery'. I simply love this song!

I'm amazed how people overlook this song!

13 Shadow of the Day Shadow of the Day Cover Art

Very underrated... The "old" Linkin Park fans just don't appreciate it... Chester's vocals are just beautiful and that guitar solo makes the song perfect

Despite the fact that this song is a single, it doesn't get a lot of praise.

It is the best song in the world because it has to do with life

A really sweet song!

14 Roads Untraveled Roads Untraveled Cover Art

This song is WAY to underrated. Mike and Chesters soft vocals, and the bell gave it some depth... and it left me shook! - EmilyFire009

I don't know why this song is so underrated.. It is truly a masterpiece.. Mike's soft voice is so beautiful

This is by far the most underrated song Linkin Park has ever made.

Another sweet song by Linkin Park.

15 Crawling Crawling Cover Art

Crawling is one of the greatest songs and is also one of Linkin Park's most well known songs, at the very beginning it was their most well known song along with In The End and One Step Closer. Is much better than the likes of Burn It Down - EvilAngel

This song deserves more credit but that doesn't mean it's underrated!

Crawling is easily one of the best songs of Linkin Park.

VERY underrated - growlbunny

16 She Couldn't

This song is purely amazing and the lyrics really do speak to you

This song is horrible... please, please be fair

17 Don't Stay Don't Stay Cover Art

This song is sooo good! It's amazing!

How is this 9

18 Forgotten Forgotten Cover Art

Forgotten, something Chester will never be

It was so underrated is was last place

19 And One

I don't think people here know what underrated means. How is Crawling underrated? Most people who despise LP know that song. I like it though. Anyway and one is amazing. Chester's beautiful lyrics really compliment the anger. Also, lyrically and technically, Mike's dope rap verse is insane!

20 Wretches and Kings Wretches and Kings Cover Art

ULTRA UNDERRATED SONG (Of the most underrated album)
This song should be a single, amazing rap and heavy electro melody (Something rare in the world of music)
In my opinion A Thousand is the best album. You guys could tell me why the worst? A serious comparison with the other songs from Linkin Park, this album still bad?

This is a really cool song.

Easily one of the best Mike Shinoda raps for Linkin Park!
Mike Shinoda's the 2nd best rapper alive after Eminem!
Linkin Park <3 LOVE YOU FOR LIFE!

21 My December My December Cover Art

This song is so underrated that it's not even in the top 50. It is a great song though that I think deserves a lot more recognition.

22 With You With You Cover Art

Awesome, and unique song.

Hybrid Theory rocks. And so does this song!

Even underrated in this list!
Listen to festival 2014 and explode!

Best song by lp iwill even think of my 2nd std ffriendrrishikesh

23 Runaway Runaway Cover Art

A great song. Must hear.

24 Lies Greed Misery Lies Greed Misery Cover Art

Oh this one is fantastic!
'I want to see you choke on your LIES
Swallow up your GREED
Suffer all alone in your MISERY
Choke on your LIES
Swallow up your GREED
Suffer all alone in your MISERY'

25 Final Masquerade Final Masquerade Cover Art

Such a good song! Should bd higher on the list

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