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41 Nobody's Listening

This song is so unique and Amazing! Its one of there greatest songs and yet not known. The Japanese Flute is really cool. - RandomGuy18

This song is way better than Numb and In the End in my opinion. It's a great song. - MontyPython

42 Powerless
43 Faint

This song isn't underrated, why in the list?

This is actually fairly popular... - MarianasPilots

44 Papercut
45 Final Masquerade V 1 Comment
46 War
47 Bleed It Out
48 What We Don't Know
49 My December

This song is so underrated that it's not even in the top 50. It is a great song though that I think deserves a lot more recognition.

50 No Roads Left

Probably the most underrated Linkin Park song I've listened to and now it's my favorite LP song. Mike did one hell of a job singing it. - BoredJeff02

To me this is my favorite Linkin Park song and it wasnt even on an album. This is by far the most underrated song Mike nailed this song!

51 When They Come for Me
52 Skin to Bone
53 In My Remains

This Is One Of the best songs on Living Things, this song should have more attention!

Great song! Better than burn it down

54 Not Alone

Easily one of the best songs of Linkin Park. But so under rated. Chester's voice is so good in this song

V 1 Comment
55 Primo
56 And One

I don't think people here know what underrated means. How is Crawling underrated? Most people who despise LP know that song. I like it though. Anyway and one is amazing. Chester's beautiful lyrics really compliment the anger. Also, lyrically and technically, Mike's dope rap verse is insane!

57 Guilty All the Same
58 By Myself
59 Mark the Graves

Why is this list full of Hybrid Theory and Meteora songs? This is what I call an underrated Linkin Park song.

60 Foreword

It's a joke considering it's only 13 seconds - jack2244

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