Most Underrated Madonna Albums


The Top Ten

1 Erotica
2 I'm Breathless
3 Bedtime Stories

In my opinion a lot of Madonna's music is the most underrated.

Such Masterpieces such as like a prayer and Ray of light got the credit they deserve however much of her best music is not appreciated!

Bedtime Stories is one of my favourite M albums. It's amazing! I love the sound, the look, the lyrics, the videos. Such a great time for Madonna, the artist. I think Due to the controversial album Erotica its success was limited! But this album derserves 20 million sales and a number of Grammy's for songs and videos such as Take a Bow and Bedtime Story.

Also, the albums Erotica and American Life. I blame it on the controversy around them. But they're brilliant.

4 Remixed & Revisited
5 You Can Dance
6 Rebel Heart
7 American Life
8 Hard Candy
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Top Remixes

1. Erotica
2. American Life
3. Bedtime Stories
1. Erotica
2. I'm Breathless
3. Bedtime Stories


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