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21 American Life

This song is probably the most underrated song by Madonna ever! The lyrics tell the truth and that's exactly what people don't want to hear. The actual music video for this song is one of her best to date!

This song has a very futuristic sound and the folky chorus is beautiful. I like the rap part as well because I think it meant to be ironic

All the American Life songs are underrated!

22 Superpop

I can't believe this didn't make it on Confessions; it should've been as it has one of her smartest lyrics: "If I was a man I would be president" absolute genius

23 Frozen
24 Think of Me
25 Thief of Hearts
26 Physical Attraction
27 Where's the Party?
28 Intervention

This should've been a number one single, it's a great song and deserves respect.

29 X-Static Process

Pretty much all the songs from American Life, Confessions, Hard Candy and MDNA are underrated. Usually the ones that aren't singles are underrated and that definitely goes for this guitar ballad X-Static Process. It deserves a lot of attention and has great lyrics.

30 Causing a Commotion

Infectious groove. Forgotten hit.

31 Isaac

This song is probably her most spiritually infused song since the day of light era and I don't understand why people never talk about how amazing it is

32 Heartbeat
33 This Used to Be My Playground
34 You'll See
35 I'll Remember
36 American Pie
37 Be Careful
38 Crimes of Passion
39 Where Life Begins
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