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Princess Peach is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. She is usually the character who needs saved in most Mario Games, but also has appeared as a playable character in the Main-Series Mario Games, including Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Run, and even starred in more.


I agree with this.
People hate Peach and then they say things like "you have no proof Peach is sweet, therefore, she is bossy and rude". Well, show me proof she IS bossy and rude, you hypocrites. Reasons like her 'affinity for pink' excuse is getting old, as well as more untrue reasons like ''she's lazy''. She wears ONE pink dress and it means she has an affinity? People say she's bad for being a Damsel In Distress, yet some others criticize her game because ''she should've stayed a Damsel In Distress''. Where's the logic in that? I don't understand. Some say no one notices Daisy, Toadette or Rosalina. I mean, I get the part about Toadette and Daisy, but why Rosalina? People are criticizing Peach more because of Rosalina's recent hate. Guess what, she is the one who deserves hate, not Peach. You people bite at Peach and compare other characters (like Amy, not even a Nintendo character) to her because none of you research her at all. Someone said the wiki is just wanting you believe ...more - Qryzx

I am not surprised that she is on this list. People hate her for being kidnapped too much (that is so stupid.) Think what would happen if she never existed. You would never have played any Mario games and There would be no Nintendo.

You haters hate on her for other stupid reasons like because she is "useless" and "lazy". You guys have no real reason to hate Peach you just hate her for no reason.

And please don't get me started on Daisy and Rosalina.

Isn't there a difference between underrated and overhated?
Underrated: Someone/Something that feels like doesn't get enough attention.

Overhated: Someone/Something that gets too much negative attention.

I think overhated is a better term, due to the fact she clearly gets a lot of attention and most of it is negative.

I'm not going to repeat myself like on the other comment, I'll just say the reasons people hate her are stupid and overused. - Qryzx

Peach is a very hated major staple character in the Mario games. She got her own game, sure, but that's pretty much the only good thing that is out of the ordinary for a Damsel In Distress that she got. She may be weak, but that is normal for a DID. Also, her Final Smash may only leave you open to a Smash Attack, but is worth it when her opponent is at a high percentage (like 80-150), when Smash attacks are at the highest likelihood of KO. If you hate her voice then go back to playing N64 (because her voice is "normal" there). And also at occasional times I find people with low IQ saying "She is just copying Aurora" and things like that. If that's the case then she would've already gone into lawsuit, and I don't see any Prince Charming here, just a Plumber. And pink dresses aren't just for dressing up. If you ever wore a pink dress then that could be held against you. - Qryzx

She is probably the most hated character in the entire franchise. And why the hell is Rosalina is this list? Explain what's SO underrated about Rosalina that she has to be in THIS list of all others. I don't understand Daisy being in this list, but at least she makes more sense to be here than Rosalina.

Princess Peach Punches and (Sometimes) shows utter Disrespect to Luigi. What did Luigi do that Peach has to be mean to him (In Super Princess Peach Bowser Boss Level.)

Bros before Hoes.

A lot of people hate her because she has a repetitive role in all of the Mario games. I used to hate her too, but once you're able to look past her role she is actually kind and caring.

Peach is actually supposed to be very noble and smart. For some reason, people think she's a complete airhead.

Totally agree with this. A lot of people are hating on her for being "useless". That's not true. She actually serves a purpose in the Super Mario games; she's the one that must be rescued by Bowser. She was even playable in SMB2 and Super Mario 3D World. The hate for her on this website is ridiculous. - Target

#1 underrated character of all time. She's about to pass birdo (who there is no reason 2 hate ether) in 'the worst Mario bros characters" because bs reasons like 'she's bratty bossy rude controlling coward" or reasons like "her voice her hair color she likes pink she's in all games"

Honestly Peach should be Number One. Name one person that doesn't hate her besides me. - DCfnaf

Yeah no surprise here that she isn't even on the list. The whole 'she's overrated' is BULL! There are very few even outside the mostly brain-dead community of TheTopTens that she is hated, and for stupid/untrue reasons at that. YT, the, Tumblr, etc... all hate her and mostly just have people bash her for untrue reasons

Many people hate her for being kidnapped way too often, and it's easy to verify that she does indeed get kidnapped a lot in the Mario games. - Treacle

I don't know why peach do this.. But she can save herself and fight with Bowser

Then why doesn't she do that instead of making Mario rescue her? - Treacle

She is so overatted if I had a penny for every time she was in a game id get 1,000,000 dollars a day!

This princess is unlikely? she not the real princess of mario franchise!

I don't hate peach for what she wears, I hate her because of her barbieish hair and bossy personality. And her voice is the worst, don't tell me it's not.

Doesn't deserve hate. Would you rather have this girl as queen or Mimi Mimikins as dictator? - imacg4

There's a difference between "kind character" and "well-written character". A nice character can still be bland, or have other flaws that make them unlikable (in Peach's case, she's kind, but the whole "gets kidnapped often" thing has left me sour on her). - Treacle

It doesn't matter if Nintendo puts her in everything that doesn't mean she's overrated. I don't know where u go, but YT, tumblr, Mario chat sites, DA, etc... most people there seem to hate her & love to continuously bash her aka what actually makes a character underrated.

Peach your amazing. People are such haters. They blame her for what she likes ant Nintendo actions. You say, oh she is so whiny. That is not a true statement. Never in a game has she ever portrayed the quality whiny. You all are so vain. You call her ugly and she is not. You hate the color pink. Well that is a real stupid reason to hate someone. Guys mostly say it. Well would you hate your crush if she wore pink? Would you hate your best friend if she wore pink? (Well or just normal friend if your BFF isn't a girl) Would you hate your mom if she wore pink? No you wouldn't. So why should you hate Peach for what she wears? She appears in a lot of Mario games. Well Mario appears in a lot of Mario games and I don't see you hating (Or Luigi, or bowser, or yoshi, whatever you pick.) You all hate Peach for stupid vain reasons. So you can hate her, but remember that your judging a book by it's cover, your being vain, and you don't treat people with the respect they deserve. And now, a ...more

"I hate her because she just sits there and gets kidnaped and Rosalina should replace her! " I like Peach. She is easily my favorite Mario character she is sweet, cute, and pretty, for a Mario character.
She and Bowser are the most important characters in the Mario games. Rosalind and the other girls are pretty usless.

Have to disagree, on this site she's underrated, but everywhere else you can't say anything bad or careless about Peach.

The games on the other hand? Nintendo treats her like a teacher's pet, they make her playable in ALL of the sports games, she has a game starring her, she is seen as important in almost all the games, she's playable in Smash, I can go on and on. - KennyRulz244444