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1 Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion is overrated & should not be top 1. But I do notice criticism which makes this game more underrated...

But come on! The most underrated Mario game is not Luigi's Mansion. It's Hotel Mario!

Confusing it with overhated edutainment Mario is Missing game which is Luigi game.

2 Super Paper Mario

This game rocks! Too bad people prefer TTYD over this great game. Also, this is the best Mario RPG ever & I find this game to be really underrated. This game gets an 8.9 score.

This is one of my favorite Mario games. Everything about it is great- thar story, the characters, the gameplay, and everything else! The story is beautiful. The dialogue is witty and charming, but also can be serious. It is a shame that it gets overlooked by the other Paper Mario games.

I think people have very differing attitudes to this game, the people who like it think it's underrated, the people who don't think it's overrated, there are some people in between.

Personally, SPM is my favourite game of all time, and it's not the most appreciated so yes this is definitely the most underrated Mario game for me.

Yes there is the story but there is more to it than that. This game had excellent characters, outstanding music, and (though many criticize it) I actually very much enjoyed the gameplay. Most people say TTYD is the best in the series and sure it's a great game but, other than the partners, I definitely don't think it deserves that title over SPM.

This is awesome!

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3 Super Mario Bros. 2

100% agree. Great game. All the fans say: it's not a Mario game, It's the worst!

It's Almost As Underrated As Hotel Mario.

I know I said this times before, but I can't believe the Super Mario games released in the late 20th Century don't get as much praise as Mario spin-offs in the 2010s!

Great - darthvadern

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4 Super Mario Sunshine

Sunshine may be when Peach turned 'dumb' (really I don't know what fans expect her to do right then and there when Jr. said she was his mom and continued to bash Mario without giving her much room to talk on screen and how would Jr. figure out Peach is not his mom BEFORE Bowser told him? She knew it just shocked her that some random kid jumped in firmly believing she's his mom). Also, I guess it was the voice acting (that you could, ya know MUTE). Or Maybe it just seemed really easy due to fludd...

But this game turned away from the traditional Mario games. From the plot to how the game worked. It doesn't doesn't deserve the hate it gets. Besides, the voices are goofy and when the guy big-noise-things scream 'NOO! ' when you slash them is hilarious!

"Dumb", as in her not running when Paint Mario was in front of her? Nintendo didn't program her to walk. - Qryzx

Super Mario Bros. is much better. It has a much catchier presentation and doesn't get as much respect for not being a modern Mario game. Super Mario Sunshine is a mixed bag for me.

It's not that underrated, it's recieving more love now which is a good sign, since this game rocks! - darthvadern


5 Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

Why are Mario and Sonic tied for the running right now? Isn't like Mario some fat, slow plumber and Sonic a fast hedgehog? This doesn't make any sense!

I Am Still Not A Fan Of Both The Super Mario Franchise and Sonic The Hedgehog Series

The Super Mario Franchise is Not The Best Series Anymore

I Mean:The Super Mario Games is Not Great Anymore(PS:Sorry For The Spamming)

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6 Wario Land 4
7 Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the 7 Stars

There are unexplained reasons why PhantomStrider said that Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars is one of his favorite Mario games of all time, after all, the topic he had to stay on is why he hates Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Keep hating this masterpiece in favor of Super Paper Mario sequels, I give it a 7/7 stars for its clever writing, confident characters, homage to the second Final Fantasy trilogy and energetic presentation.

Did I get vision problems or the picture is too small?

This has to be my top favorite Mario game, as such a giant fan of the classic 16-bit RPG games.

I got thumbs down for saying that Super Mario RPG is great, for crying out loud? >8(

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8 Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Thanks to the insane Mario Kart: Double Dash, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7 & Mario Kart 8, this game, Super Mario Kart & Mario Kart 64 are all underrated.

This is the best classic mario kart in my opinion, it's also better than Mario Kart DS in my opinion - darthvadern

This, yes. Mario kart 64 and super Mario akrt, no! They get respect! Unliek this game! - HeavyDonkeyKong

9 Hotel Mario

I hate this list so much! Why has Luigi's Mansion got to be top 1 on this list?! This or Super Mario 64 should be top 1.

The lowest rated Mario game of all time has n excuse not to be top 1.

I may hate the gameplay, but the cutscenes, graphics & retarded-sounding voice acting is perfect!

This should be top 1!

Most underrated Mario game ever because of the console it was released on

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10 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

I agree that it's highly rated by Paper Mario standards (I wouldn't say OVERRATED because it's really that good, but I see where people are coming from in saying that) but I would argue that it's underrated as a Mario game in general by most Mario (not specifically Paper Mario) fans. The whole RPG series is, really. Almost all of the Mario RPG's are games that more fans should play and love due to their immersion, music, characters, bosses, and epic stories, among other great qualities. I'd say TTYD is the finest form of a Mario RPG (although you can disagree if you want and that's fine), so it should be paid attention to more by fans. The Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi series are fantastic series, and Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars is also a great game, so play the Mario RPG's if you haven't already!

Overrated, not underrated. I would strongly recommend Super Paper Mario because of such a strong plot and Princess Peach not getting kidnapped/being strong/not having a whiny voice.

How dare you put Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on the list & Luigi's Mansion is not top 1!

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11 Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
12 Super Princess Peach

Amazing game. Very fun and inventive. I love this. Such a shame it got flagged as sexist. I never viewed as such but I'm not a girl.

13 Super Mario Kart
14 Mario and Luigi Dream Team

You're evil. Dream Team is overrated.

The tutorials are annoying, but that doesn't ruin the whole game. It still has a great story, awesome gameplay, and it's pretty funny. It's not as good as Superstar Saga or Bowser's Inside Story(really, it's even pretty close compared to Paper Jam), but it's an awesome game. - Garythesnail

Tutorials and graphics don't make a game! Originality and gameplay does! And in fact this game was very original and creative! - darthvadern

Me agree, eole hates it just because of those skippable tutorials

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15 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
16 Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time

My least favorite of the Mario & Luigi games, but still a great game. - Garythesnail


Underrated. Should be way higher!

17 Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9:
Party Mode: I think the party mode of this game is underrated. The game boards have more thought put into them. Tell me, would you rather run 10 laps on a track, or run one continuous trail? The only flaw in this is the lack of items. Overall Score: 8/10

Minigames: I believe Mario Party 9 has some of the best mini games in the series. First off, there aren't really any bad non-luck games, which is saying something for a mario party game. Also, there are some really fun games as well. Games like Speeding Bullets, Chain Event, Launch Break, Sky Jinks, Pizza Me Mario (Yes, I like that one), Growing Up, Skipping Class, and Peak Precision are actually very fun. Overall Score: 9/10

Soundtrack: I just adore the soundtrack of Mario Party 9. Some great mini game tracks include Freshen Up (speeding bullets) and Go Crazy (launch break). I don't disagree with the comment that says the soundtrack sounds childish, because it does. But sometimes that's a good thing, ...more - Solacress

It's really overrated. You do not get to free roam the boards. The graphics are very weak. The soundtrack is childish at times, especially for Mario Party standards. The Mario princesses have overly excruciating, one-dimensional voices/princess dresses. Modern Mario spin-offs in general have the hideous, childish feel of a straight-to-video Don Bluth sequel. I give Mario Party 9 a 3/10.

Whenever I look in the comment section of a Mario Party video. I always expect to see a hate on this game and its car mechanic. THIS DESERVES TO BE #1!

Well, of course - darthvadern

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18 Mario Party Advance
19 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Same Thing With The Other Mario Sports Games Like Toadstool Tour and Power Tennis

As Well as The Whole Mario Party Series.

I Mean:Not a Super Mario/Gaming Fan

20 Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Overrated, not underrated. This game brainwashes fans of Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the 7 Stars & the old Mario & Luigi games. This game is not underrated at all! Its aggregate score is a 9.5 now, so thus, it can't be underrated!

And how is Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story underrated?!

The only Mario and Luigi game that gets the respect that it rightfully deserves! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Great game, though not as good as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, And Superstar Saga, I still thought it was really good. Probably my 3rd favorite M&L game and my 4th Mario RPG.

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21 Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins


Everyone that voted this can marry me

22 Paper Mario: Sticker Star

It is underrated - darthvadern

Better than the thousand year bore

Actually a good game but everyone seems to hate the card system, for myself I hate the xp system


23 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Calavera is living hell. - Qryzx

Itäs underrated because it isn't by Nintendo, that doesn't make the game bad though, it's pretty entertaining (although my least favourite mario game on the Switch so far) - darthvadern

24 Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 deserves the top 1 spot! Yeah, I said it. The current average score for this game is 9/10 stars, I believe. I would give this game 10000000/10 stars.

I can't believe people prefer Super Mario Sunshine & Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door over the original Super Mario 64 on the N64, which is now an underrated video game so it deserves the top 1 spot!

Am I Seriously The Only Person Here Who Thinks This Game Is Overrated? Probably So.

Not underrated!
(Still Amazing)

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25 Mario Teaches Typing

I can't believe people have the false opinion that the educational Mario games are the only good Mario games released in the late 20th Century. as for me, Mario and educational games do not mix at all.

Probably because less kids typed back then? Computers less popular than nowadays.

26 Mario Party 6

Why is this here?! Modern Mario fans these days...

27 Super Mario Land

Haha, I love this little game. it is a great time, one of my favorite 2d games.

28 New Super Mario Bros 2

This game is so underrated people says that the game was rushed out but I think this is a good game and why do people hate this game more than New Super Luigi U and Super Mario Run OH MY GOD.

Worst NSMB game but I still like it - darthvadern

29 Super Mario 3D World

Such an adventurous game, but we can love the Super Mario games released in the late 20th Century such as Super Mario Bros., the Super Mario Land trilogy, Super Mario 64 and Super Mario World a lot!

So many people think its overrated it has actually became underrated!

Overrated honestly - darthvadern

30 New Super Mario Bros.U

It may only be the third best in the series but it's still excellent - darthvadern

This is a Mario game that is reminiscent to Disney Channel. Why, you may ask overall? Well, it is a clone of previous works. It's nothing more than just good, but most of the Mario games released in the 20th Century (that decludes the educational Mario games) always deserved much better than this. - The Ultimate Daredevil

31 Mario Bros.

How does Mario Bros. not have as much love as other Mario games? - The Ultimate Daredevil, who puts Mario Bros. in the top 10s on his list of best Mario games for its lack of anti-feminism, severe addiction level and retro presentation that didn't come as LJN-esque


32 Mario Is Missing

This game is hated! Should stay hated!

YES! EDUCATIONAL MARIO GAMES LIKE THIS ARE ON THIS LIST INSTEAD OF THE MOST OVERRATED MARIO GAMES LIST! >8D - The Ultimate Daredevil, being completely sarcastic in this comment

33 Super Mario 64 DS

SO GOOD and yet the classic is preferred over it. BEST GAME EVER - DCfnaf

34 Super Mario Run

I hate it, even more generic than NSMB - darthvadern

35 Super Mario 3D Land

It's about as good 3D World in my opinion, which means it's excellent - darthvadern

Super Mario 3D Land have never been a hated game but always the game everyone forgetts about. Pretty sad when the game changed Mario's to what he is today. When someone remembers it they say "it was to easy" or, 'meh, it was pretty ok..."

36 Mario's Time Machine

REALLY?! I think I got thumbs down for giving the educational Mario schlock like this a (much, MUCH) lower score than the Super Mario games released in the late 20th Century, the Mario RPGs released before the 2010s and the underexposed Mario games like the original Mario vs. Donkey Kong trilogy.

37 Mario's Tennis

So good its on the list twice.

38 Mario Kart 7

Unfortunately, people seem to treat the recent Mario spin-offs like Mario Kart 7 and Mario Party (throughout the 2010s) over the retro Mario games like the Wrecking Crew duo logy, Super Mario Bros. (original trilogy), Super Mario World (duology), Mario Bros., Wario Ware, the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy for the SNES and so forth. Well, so-rry we disagree for sure. These games took new risks, while modern Mario seems more like it has its moments of sexism (re: the female Mario characters not being given the chance to interact with the male Sonic characters automatically) and doing tired-out Mario cliches we have today.

It's the best mario kart in my opinion, because reasons - darthvadern

39 Mario Clash
40 Mario Kart 64

Nope - darthvadern

41 Mario Party

Nope - darthvadern

42 Super Smash Bros.
43 Wrecking Crew

Wrecking Crew is awesome! I wish I had this game myself.

44 Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem
45 Mario Tennis
46 Mario Teaches Typing 2
47 Mario's Game Gallery
48 Mario Kart Arcade GP
49 Mario Kart Arcade GP DX
50 Super Smash Bros. Brawl
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