Most Underrated Megadeth Songs

Megadeth has many great songs, and some that could be top ten... if people knew about them.

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1 Ashes in Your Mouth - Countdown to Extinction

This alone is better than any other Metallica song :)
So amazing and so under-credited

The solos, drumming, vocals, ending... Everything is amazing!

OMGoodness! This one is my favorite! Definitely underrated! Drumming at the end is BEAST along with the rest of the song!

2 Angry Again - Hidden Treasures

This riff kicks ass they definitely need to play it in every show

Engaged in crime I grasp my throat, Enraged my mind starts to smoke, Enforce a mental overload, Angry Again Angry Again Angry Aww! Such the best song ever

I mean... this made me a huge Megadeth fan... just listen to it.

3 My Last Words - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

This is one of the best songs from this album but it's very underrated the riffs and the chorus is amazing on this song

Fun fact: This is Lars Ulrich's favorite Megadeth song! He revealed it in an AMA on Reddit.

An underrated classic for sure! Always puts me in a good mood. Just give it a quick listen!

The last minute and a half or so of this song is the best thing ever!

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4 Vortex - Cryptic Writings

The song is an excellent thrash track off Cryptic Writings, disappointed that it dosen't get as much recognition as other songs from the album like Trust or She-Wolf.

5 Countdown to Extinction - Countdown to Extinction

The best song with great sound, melody line and especially vocal of Dave Mustaine.

This shouldn't be underrated at all. Best song on the album and probably top 5 if not the best

6 Good Morning/Black Friday - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?

Their second best song... a thrash classic!

7 Return to Hangar - The World Needs a Hero

Interestingly, usually about 1 out of 6 people like this song better than the original, Hangar 18. Personally, I think Hangar 18 is the better one, but Return To Hangar is a close second. It definitely ought to be higher on lists.

Such an Epic Start. Its incredible that noby really cares about it. Solos are decent.

World Needs a Hero isn't the greatest one. But some of its songs are a true piece of art, such as this one and prmisses.

8 Back in the Day - The System Has Failed

It's about metal back in the 80s. Dunno why it isn't higher. It was featured on a duck Dodgers episode that also featured dave mustaine himself!

It' s one of the best megadeth songs. I'm glad that as a kid I noticed it in Duck Dodgers. It has killer intro cool lyrics and solo stuff. That ending is also very catchy and cool. It makes me sad that nobody's talking about this song and this ammazing album

It s awesome! why isn't it performed live?

9 Looking Down the Cross - Killing is My Business... and Business is Good

Lots of different parts, different intro rather than that 0-0-0-0 that's typical of metal. This one you will like if you have not heard it.

This song represents classic, gritty thrash metal at its finest.

My favorite album and possibly favorite song. Too 3 in my eyes.

One of the best songs by Megadeth in my opinion

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10 Take No Prisoners - Rust In Peace

These are some of Mustaine's hardest riffs. Even though Mustaine isn't the best singer, the fact that he can sing the "tears streak his solemn stare. Aabandoned wreckage, no one cares." While playing the two fast breakdowns in between the power chord riff is incredible. Seriously, watch a live 1990s version.

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11 Five Magics - Rust in Peace

The bass is sexy, and it has excellent progression. It starts of pretty fast, then gets a little slow for a couple of minutes. And then it gets, like one of the guys said- fast, loud, and rude.

Underrated. THIS is thrash. The bass intro is badass, and the song is fast, loud, and rude.

I can't understand how this is on 29. like are you serious?

That bass gives me eargasms, I'm sorry its true. Dave Mustaine awesome in this song as well. The song has great progression. How is this on 38? It deserves at least 15.

12 Breakpoint - Hidden Treasures

Nicks drumming is awesome! The middle tempo change part is so smooth too! Lyrics are kinda weird, but a great riff makes up for it!

Hardly anyone even knows this song! The music resembles that semi thrashy stuff megadeth did in the countdown era. Truly awesome!

13 Promises - The World Needs a Hero

Very beautiful and awesome song. Super underrated

This song is so beautiful it deserves more praise - christangrant

This song is the literal meaning of underrated

14 Addicted to Chaos - Youthanasia

One of my favorites on Megadeth's sixth studio effort. It's a song that has a great rhythm, lyrics and tone, and is perfect for this list as I do not hear many people talk about it. A hidden gem!

Yeah one of the best Megadeth middle tempo songs. Heavy song that has a nice groove. They should play this live.

Amazing song, listened to it every day for like 3 months straight. Definitely deserves more credit than it gets. - sk8er7890

Actually, this "ballad" is probably better than A tout le monde.

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15 Rattlehead - Killing is My Business... and Business is Good

The very beginning of Megadeth. Thrash at its best. Frantic rhythm and chugging guitars. Fantastic!

One of Megadeth's best thrash songs that has intense drumming, solos, and vocals.

This is every Head Banger Dream!
So Fast and destructive, moshpit maker indeed!

16 Never Dead - Th1rt3en

Such a great thrash song from the kings of thrash!

Great riff with powerful guitar and drum!

17 The Conjuring - Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?

A song that has several parts to it including the fast intro and the creepy exit.

A classic metal song, enough said. Love it

Best song on Peace Sells with Wake Me Up

18 Go to Hell - Hidden Treasures

Those solos are so epic! During the period when Megadeth was going commercial, they released a ball breaking classic metal song. It's a shame they don't play it live.

Such a heavy song, with great solos by Dave and Marty.

This song is better than any Metallica song! This song is seriously underrated.Heavy riff,amazing solos,speed,thrash,melody, has everything! It's a shame they only played this song once in 1991

19 13 - Th1rt3en

Very epic and emotional song and I think that it is truly underrated. Songs like ashes in your mouth or addicted to chaos aren't really underrated, because right now they are good known for being great songs.

The other songs are not truly underrated, at least that's what I think. This ballad is amazing. Mustaine is a genius. I think most of Megadeth's songs are masterpieces.

A Mustaine masterpiece that has several emotions all put in one song.

20 High Speed Dirt - Countdown to Extinction

The Most Underrated Metal song ever. PLEASE LISTEN TO IT.

My Favorite One. I Iove the solos and that incredible RIFF. definitely THE MOST UNDERRATED METAL SONG EVER.



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21 Endgame - Endgame

The drumming is insane on this song! It is really fast, with time changes and a cool double bass drum outro. Way too underrated.

Awesome song- meaningful lyrics, awesome riffs, nice solo, good chorus and the outro riff is one of Megadeth's best.

22 Into the Lungs of Hell

Great opening track to a great album, VERY underrated.

One of my favorite Megadeth songs in general -_-

23 Mary Jane - So Far, So Good... So What

I love this song, I really do not get why a lot people don't rate.. it's a builder, it keeps going and there are some classic riffs and changes in there. I love it.

24 Blackmail the Universe - The System Has Failed

Such a thrashy song! Daves tap solo near the end is epic!

25 New World Order - Th1rt3en
26 Poison Was the Cure - Rust In Peace

This song is so underrated, that it isn't listed in the most underrated Megadeth songs. Seriously, I never hear this song get mentioned and it's one of the best in Rust in Peace.

The transition from just the bass and drums to everything else is simply amazing.

I think the solo at the end of this song is the single greatest moment on RIP.

27 Dread and the Fugitive Mind - The World Needs a Hero

It is simply catchy as hell. One of the most underrated songs by Megadeth and one of my favorite ones.

28 Psychotron - Countdown to Extinction

I was blown away when they played this song live on the 20th anniversary tour. This song is incredibly heavy!

A song that's truly great when nobody knows about it. It has great riffs and solo fills throughout.

29 99 Ways to Die - Hidden Treasures

Very Underrated for the incredible guitar work on this classic.

30 The Disintegrators - Cryptic Writings

Its got to be one of the best off this album, but they rarely played it live. The solos kick ass as well!

Yikes... What a crazy song... direct, heavy, and with addictive chorus... Burning it down... To the ground!

Cool song, my favorite from cryptic.

Best song from Cryptic Writings

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31 Lucretia - Rust In Peace

Perhaps my favorite, so much different from any metal song and weird but in a good way. Only Mustaine could come up with such amazing song!

Beautiful lucretia

32 Sleepwalker
33 44 Minutes - Endgame

Underrated. 52 on the list of best megaeth songs. Should be 7 or 8.

34 Kill the King - Warchest

I think most people don't even know about this one.

It's not the best, not even top twenty, but it's definitely the most underrated song.

This song is amazing, no clue why people don't like it.

This song is the real "1note song of rage "

I love this songs,it's one of my most favorite songs especially the intro,but it's really underrated - Toucan

35 Washington Is Next! - United Abominations
36 Tears In a Vial - The System Has Failed

First half is OK, but the second half is epic.

37 Blood of Heroes - Youthanasia

Heroes never die!

38 Prince of Darkness - Risk

This is a legendary track that does not get its due because it's on Risk. Yes, Risk is the worst megadeth album after Supercollider, but this is genuinely a brilliant song. Best intro, insane chorus and the bridge is easily one of megadeth's best. Give it a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised

This is not's so bad and torturous that I suffered an ear concussion for nearly a month - Vip3r

39 Use the Man - Cryptic Writings
40 Disconnect - The World Needs a Hero

Just listen to it. And give it actual chance. You might actually find that you like it.

Quite hated among Megadeth fans... But it's personnaly one of my 10 favorites

41 Dance in the Rain - Super Collider

I love this song with very simple but very dark riff.

42 Foreclosure of a Dream - Countdown to Extinction

One of my favourites! Is the most underrated song

43 Elysian Fields - Youthanasia
44 When - The World Needs a Hero
45 Insomnia - Risk

I don't know why people hate this song or this album. Just cause its not metal doesn't mean its not good. And speaking of that, this song is basically just a Megadeth thrash song with different instruments.

Just give it a chance... Other than the type of instruments used, it is a classic Megadeth song through and through

46 Chosen Ones - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!

I feel like people just forget this song exists and it’s actually a great song

47 I'll Be There - Risk

Best song on Risk

48 The Blackest Crow - Super Collider

This song is extremely underrated. It's amazing.

49 Wanderlust - Risk
50 Kick the Chair

This song amazing, but it never gets the credit it deserves

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