Most Underrated Meryl Streep Movies

The Top Ten

1 The House of the Spirits

I really agree it's such a great movie and meryl is amazing in it (duh)

2 The Manchurian Candidate
3 A Prairie Home Companion
4 The Bridges of Madison County

One of my favorite romantic movies of all time, a joy, she should have son every award that year

This is one of my favourite movies with Meryl Streep in!

One of my favourite movies by meryl streep

5 Dark Matter
6 Postcards from the Edge

Love this movie meryl is so amazing in it well duh

7 Heart Burn
8 A Cry in the Dark
9 Ironweed

Undoubtedly her most underrated performance. A great movie with depth and nuance.

10 Still of the Night

The Contenders

11 Manhattan
12 The Ant Bully
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