Underrated Music Monday. Week 1

So out of boredom, I am making this post series of underground bands for you guys to check out. And before you point it out, this is a complete ripoff of Jared Dines.
The reason I'm doing this is because on the lists of underrated bands, whether it be Metal or rock, consists of well known bands, so I'm going try to get some bands I feel are underrated in the spotlight.

1. GRAVEYARD (Psychedelic Hard Rock/Blues Rock)
These guys are gaining some recognition within the Metal community recently, but I still feel I should share them with you guys. I saw them first hand when they opened up for Mastodon this summer, and they blew me away. If you like Led Zeppelin type music, check out Graveyard.

2. ICARUS WITCH (Traditional Heavy Metal)
This is a local band from my hometown, so I have talked about them quite a bit, they are great. They are reviving old, NWOBHM type music, and they are sweet. They toured with Paul Di'Anno and Trouble, but they are still very underground. Check them out.

3. THE PEOPLE'S TEMPLE (Psychedelic/Garage Rock)
My friend showed me this band last year, and I've been a fan ever since. They play like a 60s Garage Rock band, so if any of you guys like psych or garage rock, you will like these guys

4. REPUGNANT (Thrash/Death Metal)
If you guys pay attention to some of my lists, you'll know that I am a diehard Ghost fan. Well the vocalist of Ghost has been leaked as Tobias Forge, and he is the vocalist of a number of bands, Repugnant being one of them. They have been described as revivers of the Swedish Death Metal scene. If I could compare them to any band, id say they sound a lot like Possessed.

5. THE GERMS (Punk Rock/Hardcore)
The Germs are one of the most famous bands in the Punk Rock scene, but they have been forgotten. When people think of punk nowadays, they think of pop punk like Blink-182, Green Day, etc. If you guys like the Sex Pistols, you'll like The Germs.

6. IRON REAGAN (Crossover Thrash)
A lot of you guys are familiar with Municipal Waste, this band has the same vocalist. These guys play with an incredible amount of intensity, there aren't many bands that make you wanna headband like Iron Reagan does.

7. CHERRY CHOKE (Hard Blues Rock)
These guys are very underrated, they play a very bluesy style, which of course in this era, it is hard to succeed with. The only way to get mainstream success in this day and age is to play alternative, indie, or pop rock. If you guys like classic rock, check out Cherry Choke.

8. DÅÅTH (Extreme/Industrial Metal)
These guys are very versatile, which is why I put them as Extreme Metal. They play Death, Thrash, Groove, with some traces of Industrial, Grunge, and Gypsy Jazz. It takes a lot of guys for a band to experiment as much as Dååth.

9. CRUACHAN (Celtic/Folk Metal)
I found out about these guys when I made my '54 Subgenres of Metal' video. I had never heard of Celtic Metal beforehand, and now I really like this band. Besides the Celtic theme and instrumentation, they also have a slight Black Metal vocal style.

10. PIG DESTROYER (Grindcore)
A lot of people haven't given these guys a chance because they think Grindcore is worthless screaming. While they are right about some bands, I was the same way. Bands like Anal C*** and Brutal gave me a bad grindcore impression. Check out Pig Destroyer, of all grind bands I've heard, Pig Destroyer can appeal to a wider audience.

Some of these bands are somewhat well known, but I haven't seen many people on this site talk about them much. If you guys have any really good underground bands, message to me them or comment them, and if I like them, I will add them in my next post.



Heard of five. I'll definitely check out the other half. - IronSabbathPriest

Great post - EvilAngel

Excellent idea for a post series, Ryan, and although it's not my musical preference, it's full of potential. Keep it up! - PositronWildhawk

People's Temple is brilliant. They have a great retro sound. - PetSounds

I'll have to check these out - bobbythebrony

Haha, I'm convinced that boredom and laziness are the driving forces of the human progress - only lazy people would invent things like washing machine, remote control, and similar.

Back to your list of underrated bands:
THE PEOPLE'S TEMPLE and CHERRY CHOKE - I’ve never heard of them.
THE GERMS and GRAVEYARD - I’ve heard their names but nothing more.

I’m familiar with the other 6 bands but I agree they are pretty obscure. So, this list is really a list of underrated bands. Very good job, Ryan.
PIG DESTROYER - they are quite popular in the underground and I agree with #10 for them because they are not that obscure. - Metal_Treasure