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161 Scar Symmetry Scar Symmetry Scar Symmetry is a Swedish metal band from Avesta in Dalarna County, Sweden, formed in 2004. The band has released six albums, with seven released singles.
162 Dio Dio Dio was an American heavy metal band formed in 1982 and led by vocalist Ronnie James Dio, after he left Black Sabbath with intentions to form a new band with fellow former Black Sabbath member, drummer Vinny Appice.

Everyone who doesn't own Holy Diver- go out to you record store and embrace the awesomeness... - sweetbeef

163 Gwyllion Gwyllion Gwyllion was a symphonic power metal band from Kortrijk, Belgium, that was active from 2003 to 2009. Founded by singer Annelore Vantomme and drummer Wouter Debonnet, the band released two studio albums before it split up.

It's an unknown band. I know this band won't even get votes here. Cause they are beyond underrating. - zxm

164 Make Me a Donut

Finally! Deathcore has been done right! - ThatoneMetalhead

165 Obscura Obscura Obscura is a German technical death metal band from Landshut, Germany, founded in 2002. The band became prominent when members of Necrophagist and Pestilence joined Steffen Kummerer to release the critically acclaimed second full-length album, Cosmogenesis. The band was named after the Gorguts album more.
166 Tenacious D Tenacious D Tenacious D is an American comedy rock duo that was formed in Los Angeles, California in 1994. Composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Jack Black and lead guitarist and vocalist Kyle Gass, the band has released three albums – Tenacious D, The Pick of Destiny and Rize of the Fenix.
167 Vektor Vektor
168 Beartooth Beartooth Beartooth is an American metalcore band formed by Caleb Shomo in Columbus, Ohio in 2012. They are signed to Red Bull Records since 2013 along with Shomo's electronic act Class.

One of the best newer metal bands out there they are my favourite band as of the moment and their lyrics mean something And meaningful lyrics are really lacking these days

169 Blue Felix

Extremely terrible live.

170 Rammstein Rammstein Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Härte and Industrial Metal band consisting of Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Kruspe (guitar), Paul Landers (guitar), Oliver Riedel (electric bass), Christoph Schneider (drums) and Christian Lorenz (keyboard), that formed in 1994 in Berlin . more.

Rammstein is a German band and a lot of people in America will not listen to them because they do not know what they are saying. But music is not only about the words and you can always go look up the translations, that is what I have to do. They have some really awesome guitar solos and drum solos and the singer, Till Lindemann's voice itself is enough to get anyone listening to it. They really are a unique band. Give Rammstein a chance before you knock them to the side for being German and they do speak English in some songs... Rarely. Du hast... Amerika... Rein Raus... Mutter... All amazing songs. People should really start listening to them. I promise nobody will regret it.

Very awesome band.. Mind blowing vocals and one of the best bands-nowadays hear Sonne, Ich Will, Reise Reise, Benzin, Amerika, Stein Um Stein, Rammstein..
Very underrated band really.. And I wanna know how pantera is in 1st spot for underrated metal band? They are very good but seriously overrated Dimebag's giutars wasn, t that good that people think.. And they are overrated band but one of my favourite bands.. - nooreldeen

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171 Disturbed Disturbed Disturbed is an American heavy metal band from Chicago, Illinois . The band comprises vocalist David Draiman, bassist John Moyer, guitarist Dan Donegan, and drummer Mike Wengren . They are known for songs like "Down With the Sickness" and "Stricken" .
172 Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold is an American alternative metal/metalcore (early) band, that was formed 1999 in California. Their longest lineup of members was M. Shadows (Vocals), Synyster Gates (Lead Guitar), Zacky Vengeance (Rhythm Guitar), Johnny Christ (Bass Guitar), and The Rev (Drums). more.

Very underrated. - zxm


173 Motorhead Motorhead Motörhead were an English heavy metal/Hard Rock band formed in June 1975 by bassist, singer, and songwriter Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister, who was the sole constant member; guitarist and songwriter Larry Wallis; and drummer Lucas Fox. The band's harsh vocals and fast paced tempos helped inspire speed more.

They're NOT a metal band. Listen to Lemmy - he says the same: not metal. - Metal_Treasure

You can call apples oranges but they're still apples. Even if you and Lemmy(R.I.P) say they're a rock'n'roll band(of course they released certified rock'n'roll albums such as their debut) the majority of their stuff is great heavy metal(Overkill , No Remorse, Sacrifice, Bad Magic, Snake Bite Love, Inferno, Orgasmatron).

174 Damned Nation
175 Death to Die
176 AC/DC AC/DC AC/DC are a Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who continued as members until Malcolm's illness and departure in 2014. They were fronted by Bon Scott until his untimely death due to alcohol poisoning in 1980, after which they hired Brian Johnson to more.

No way in hell are they underrated first there not really heavy metal and secondly all there songs sound the same very generic and boring overrated to hell

Ac/Dc underrated? How?
In my honest opinion they are the definition of overrated! How people are voting this and why is this band is in this list is beyond me! - Nord666

1- not underrated, but still awesome
2- not metal - Rocker00

177 Megadeth Megadeth Megadeth is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. The group was formed in 1983 by guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist David Ellefson, shortly after Mustaine's dismissal from Metallica. They have released 15 studio albums, and their biggest hits are Symphony of Destruction, Holy more.

Megadeth? Underrated? Let's talk about the fact that they are number four on the list of best metal bands. Pretty much every rock fan (including non-metalheads) has heard of Megadeth. Slayer is a popular band, yet they are not as popular as Megadeth. So please tell me, how are Megadeth underrated?

I vote megadeth, and fyi a7x is NOT underrated, they are the most overrated band of the 21st century

178 Edenbridge
179 Visions of Atlantis
180 Concerto Moon
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