Most Underrated Movies of the 2010s

Here is a lost of movies that may not be perfect bit definitely deserved more praise and recognition.

The Top Ten

1 Kick-Ass Kick-Ass

An exhilarating thrill ride, top notch perfomances and a sequel comfirmed for next year, Kick-Ass is a true cult classic, Roll on Kick-Ass 2!

2 The Amazing Spider-Man The Amazing Spider-Man

Easily the best spiderman movie. Great tone with even better performances.

3 Fright Night Fright Night

A fun vampire flick that was both gory, funny and entertaining, this should have been seen by more people.

4 The A-Team The A-Team

It's brilliant everything you'd want from an A Team movie and more. Gutted there won't be a sequel!

The A-Team was great summer blockbuster fun. It was a true popcorn flick!

5 Goon Goon
6 Dead Snow Dead Snow

This Norweigan Nazi Zombie movie is a real gore fest, relentlessly entertaining and very well directed.

7 30 Minutes or Less 30 Minutes or Less

A funny treat that's not afraid to get a little mean at times.

8 Tower Heist Tower Heist

A surprisngly fun heist comedy, big stupud fun and a hilarious career saving performance from Eddie Murphy and showing that Brett Ratner can direct.

9 Project X Project X

Very Funny, Intense and Insane, Deliriously Entertaining!

10 Suicide Squad Suicide Squad

The Contenders

11 Get the Gringo Get the Gringo
12 Seven Psychopaths Seven Psychopaths
13 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
14 Paul Paul

Unfairly treated due to hot fuzz and shaun of the dead being brilliant, Paul was never going to beat them in a better critical consensus but nonetheless it was still a well made very funny movie!

15 Madea's Big Happy Family Madea's Big Happy Family
16 The Cold Light of Day The Cold Light of Day
17 Machete Machete
18 Rock of Ages Rock of Ages
19 Europa Report Europa Report
20 The Canyons The Canyons
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