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241 Nuns on the Run
242 On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The first half of this movie was really boring. But the second half makes up for it with all the great action scenes.

243 Quantum of Solace
244 Licence to Kill
245 Die Another Day
246 A View to a Kill
247 The World Is Not Enough
248 Pink Floyd: The Wall

A cult film that deserves to be at the top. Beside an excellent sound track, this film has one of the most excellent acting performances of all time via Bob Geldof (who besides Pink Floyd lyrics, has only one line). A very well done concept and film.

249 Drive

This movie, in my opinion, is really a masterpiece. People were expecting this constant thriller with car chases every ten minutes, but what it really is is a quiet action film with subliminal messages sprinkled all over this superb film.

For such a quiet movie, it is super suspenseful and really brutal, complete with face stomping, head shooting, through slicing and eye stabbing.

250 Radio
251 Gangster Squad
252 Blood Diamond
253 Tremors
254 The Night of the Hunter
255 Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat
256 The Way, Way Back
257 The Soloist
258 The Karate Kid III
259 Flight
260 Storm of the Century
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