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241 Solaris

Great Sci-Fi movie, Russian as well.

242 Come and See

What most people went through during WW2

243 Children of Men

One of my current movie favorites

244 Taxi Driver

Underrated? This is a classic. A cult movie.

Shouldn't be on this list - dubbelvla

245 Stalker
246 The Sound of Music
247 300
248 The Ten Commandments
249 Quo Vadis
250 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
251 Princess of Thieves
252 Jumper
253 Arlington Road
254 A Bronx Tale
255 Crank
256 North by Northwest

Nominated for 3 Oscars but not a household name like The Wizard Of Oz. - booklover1

257 Vertigo

Only Nominated for 2 Oscars. - booklover1

258 Paths of Glory

Not even nominated for an Oscar. - booklover1

259 Double Indemnity

What are you talking about? This is a classic of the film noir. A movie that maybe some young kids have to discover yet, but to call this movie forgotten, underrated and not known is a pretty daring statement.

Nominated for 7 Oscars but now it's long forgotten and never even won 1 Oscar. - booklover1

260 Some Like It Hot
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