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81 Copycat
82 Batman & Robin

Come on even if its overhated by many. Its Batman with Robin. Together again.

Screw what everyone says, this is the best batman movie, it needs praise

Who put this awful movie on the list

This movie is great

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83 The Maltese Falcon

Underrated? This movie is considered as a classic of the film noir.
What idiot put this on this list.

84 Fast & Furious
85 Vanilla Sky
86 Home Alone 3

Hated by most critics, I actually found it very funny, and choosing to make the main character not Kevin was a good choice, as shown by the disastrous "Home Alone 4". From the parrot to "You smacked my winkie! ", this movie is hilarious, and in the end, that is what I want out of a Home Alone movie. - Hajj

There were some things in this movie that were better than the first 2. For example: I liked the music better in this movie. It also had a good storyline about a secret microchip hidden inside a toy car. The criminals in this movie were more advanced with their technology (Tapping into the phone lines and breaking into houses without setting off the alarm).

This movie is bad. Not the worst, but bad. I thought that the musical score was solid though. - BeatlesFan1964

87 The Human Centipede
88 Cannibal Holocaust

Second best and most meaningfull for horror genre after exorcist - dubbelvla

89 A Hard Day's Night
90 Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

I really liked this movie! Why is it only 6.5/10? I mean, it's not better than Simpsons movie, but come on! - doodie

91 Ultraviolet
92 Gloria
93 Mimic
94 Batman Forever

It's gotta have some hype, this movie is my favourite comic book movie

Jim carrey was ok but movie is very bad, worse than batman& robin - dubbelvla

95 Walking with Dinosaurs
96 Nemesis Game
97 Cloverfield
98 Senna
99 Enemy of the State
100 Antichrist
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