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141 Gone Baby Gone
142 Elektra
143 Enough

Though this movie was a moderate success, it deserved much more. It is an incredibly exciting movie with a brilliant powerhouse performance from Jennifer Lopez. This deserved so much more recognition. I think that her movies always tend to get slammed just because she is also a popstar (critics don't seem to like to see people have success in more than one thing with very few exceptions).

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144 The Girl Next Door

That's my favourite movie, I'm so glad it's on the list! Awesome love story.

145 The TV Set
146 Ip Man
147 Interstellar

Movie is a masterpiece. If you take your cliched space adventure summer blockbuster movie glasses off youll realize this film is pure beauty metaphorical and literally. Certainly a film that will be always remebered and that's a fact.

148 Bambi
149 Dominick and Eugene
150 Dancer In the Dark
151 The Piano Teacher
152 Caché
153 Far from Heaven
154 Der Bockerer
155 Apocalypto
156 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
157 Mystic River
158 The 13th Warrior
159 Hidden Fortress
160 Yojimbo
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