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1 Showbiz - Showbiz

It's the most popular song from showbiz but okay - Henriette

Most underrated song by Muse ever. The vocal range of Bellamy, the slow buildup of the song and Bellamy's vocals at the end are just awe, inspiring...

One of my favourite songs. Dark, just like much of the first album. - Aeterna

This song is the best on showbiz!

2 Exo-Politics - Black Holes and Revelations Exo-Politics - Black Holes and Revelations

Such a beautifully-written song. Deserves more attention - DoroExploro13

I am nobody to decide that this should be no1 but definitely one of the Muse most underrated song. The riffs is so catchy, the solo is sick and fits so well, the guitar part at the last half chorus is sick too, the harmony of the song expresses why Matt is a genius musician and his vocal range in this song is awesome!

Literally shaking my head at the number one. Madness. You are giving the number one underrated muse song to MADNESS? Although, you could pick almost any other song in the top 10, please dethrone the number one.

The song is perfectly written - it's like good drugs. It's just ticking every box!

3 Space Dementia - Origin of Symmetry Space Dementia - Origin of Symmetry

Space dementia is so good! The piano is great and the lyrics are really good and it just gives me chills. Really underrated.

I have no clue why madness is on this list. It's a great song, but it's anything but underrated.

Space Dementia is a track that effectively encapsulates what Muse were all about. It is easily their most underrated, as it is almost certainly one of their best, but never gets the recognition it deserves.

All new muse fans have ruined this list. They have strayed so far from what the truly are, and this song is a massively underrated song from an amazing album. Bellamy's piano craft on this record is outstanding.

Everything from Origin Of Symmetry is a bit underrated. In my opinion this songs totally beats songs like Uprising, though Uprising is an epic song.

4 MK Ultra - The Resistance

The vocal harmonies, the violins, everything just fits together with the rock in a way I've never heard before. It's thrilling.

This song is great

This should be #1 - Idiot

its great

5 The Small Print - Absolution

Just SAAAY it’ll make yu inSANE! Love the chorus. Literally my favorite on the album. - TheYoMama

Accidentally clicked on 'Save Me'. This one is the most underrated. Everyone wants Fury to replace this on the album. Isn't known by the public and fans don't consider it at all. - Aeterna

Just SAY

it'll make you insane

This is the MOST UNDERRATED MUSE SONG EVER! I love that lyrics ^^

6 Micro Cuts - Origin of Symmetry

Matt's vocals in my opinion are some of his best on the track. Also it has a killer outro.

Listen to that vocal.

2nd Best Muse song

Perfection. Just so good. Unlike anything else on the planet.
One of their best ones next to Knights of Cydonia and Stockholm Syndrome.

7 In Your World - Hullabaloo Soundtrack

This song is by far one of the most underrated Muse tracks, living in the shadow of the more known Dead Star. In Your World shows that, even with simple lyrics, Muse are able to express meaningful ideas.

8 Invincible - Black Holes and Revelations

The perfect song. In my opinion best Muse song within KoC. The lyrics are... I even don't have words to say what I think about them.. Are really great, uncouraging and inspirational. Also, mentions for Falling Away With You, Endlessly, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, Eternally Missed, Exo-Politics and Space Dementia, very underrated Muse songs, too.

Another example of Bellamy's incredible talent, this song features what is arguably the best muse solo of all.

Madness is the most underrated muse song and the most mainstream one at the same time... Wut?

9 Revolt - Drones

I agree with this dude - TheYoMama

This is so underrated. The problem is, when we're talking about any song from Drones, we mustn't forget that is a concept album. Every song is linked to each other by a story. And if we put Revolt into context, well, it's just EPIC.

10 Megalomania - Origin of Symmetry

Although I like Space Dementia better, it's more well-known than Megalomania, After being a Muse-fan for over 2 years I had discovered Space Dementia, but only 3 years after that Megalomania joined my playlist, it took me 5 years to find this song, I have never heard anyone talk about it, which makes it the most underrated to me. - FullMetalTimelord

It's beautiful, the song is emotional and captivating, and an amazing ender - Quart

Fantastic of my favourites actually. Bellamy's falsetto and organ playing captivates me every time. For some reason, the drum beat at the end just gives me chills

The Contenders

11 Thoughts of a Dying Atheist - Absolution

Tons of people like it but it is good

12 Glorious - Black Holes and Revelations

Genuinely one of the best muse songs at all. Such a shame it was never fully released and that Matt hates it

Faith, it drives me away.
But it turns me on like a stranger's love.
It rockets through the universe;
It fuels the lies and feeds the curse. Believes we could be Glorious~

13 Resistance - The Resistance

Um this song is amazing

This is a good song but it isn’t underrated - TheYoMama

14 Hyper Chondriac Music - Hullabaloo Soundtrack

This song is an alternate showing of the song "Hyper Music" and once you've listened to both songs properly, you get a whole new perspective of this song - It's beautiful

"muse's most depressing song lol"

So so beautiful and ethereal

At the two minute mark it's like - WOAH

15 Follow Me - The 2nd Law
16 Big Freeze - The 2nd Law

One of the highlights of the 2nd law in my opinion. The drums are amazing. The chorus is catchy. The guitar solos make you move.

I love it! Makes me feel good inside because it is such a happy song - HollyRolo

17 Map of Your Head - Hullabaloo Soundtrack

This Song was the first cheesy Song if Muse, that I really liked. It's so great

This song is just so... cute.

18 Take a Bow - Black Holes and Revelations

Take a Bow describes Matt's personal opinions on politics.

Spell Cast a spell Cast a spell on the country you run this describes how country leaders brainwash their citizens and trick them into believing their lies. WikiMuse Take a Bow

This is the best song ever! (to me anyway) it's really underrated though

19 Assassin - Black Holes and Revelations

Why is this not more popular? - colesy99

This is probably the fastest song in guitar hero worl tour. It hurt my arm when I play it on expert - gelatinbeastworm

20 Darkshines - Origin of Symmetry

One of Chris' best basslines. - Userguy44

One of muse best. In my opinion it's better than most songs on origin of symmetry including Citizen Erased. The Bass line is amazing as well as the guitar. Also when he slams on the piano before the chorus, its just amazing

21 Soldier's Poem

This song is so underrated that even here people forget about it

This song is absolutely perfect.

22 Cave - Showbiz

One of my favorites!

23 Madness

Not underrated but a really good song - TheYoMama

You're kidding, right? This is Muse's most popular song while others should have gotten more recognition. I would put this last on my list. - Songsta41

Probably has more views on YouTube then any other of their songs. Not sure why this is here.

This song is one of Muse's most beautiful songs and one of their most touching as well. It's what really got me into them because a loved the feeling and emotion of this song.

24 Uno - Showbiz

Great song! This is rock!

25 Animals - The 2nd Law

As a whole, it’s not their best but the lyrics are superb. The subtle guitar riffs and the live recording at the end really add to the effectiveness of the song. In line with their theme of the album, this one hits home the most.

This song is technically very impressive: from the smooth arpeggios in the first solo to the powerful outro. The combination of singing while playing subtile licks as support is something that is not easy to pull off. And let's not forget the time signature changes: near the end, while the guitar and bass is playing in 5/4, the drums are continuing in 4/4, what creates a powerful contrast between gentle structure at first and rough chaos at last. Not much people recognize this, thus being an underrated song.

The end drags on for a bit too long I think

Brilluant prog rock song.

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26 Unnatural Selection - The Resistance

Literally the best on The Resistance. It is so not underrated, though - TheYoMama

Just listen to those lyrics! "I wanna push you beyond a peaceful protest"

Guitating similar to good ol' days of origin and showbiz a blast from the past. Extremely underrated compared to others on the album

27 Hyper Music - Origin of Symmetry

I love this song

28 I Belong to You - The Resistance

This song is a bit underrated... I mean its awesome, yet, people don't seem to see it in the album... It's one of the songs I most like

I love this song, especially as they weren't afraid to include something from an opera (in French, no less)

29 The Groove

Such an awesome guitar riff and chorus! I had this song on repeat throughout the entire day.

This song isn't underrated, any fan who's ever heard it loved it first listen

The best muse songs ever is more accurate of a description for the songs on this list. Exopolitics should be higher though

This song rounds out the Time Is Running Out single. It's driving bass line and clave-esque drums make this one of my all time favorite Muse b-sides.

30 Explorers - The 2nd Law

This should be number one. This actually FITS the definition for underrated. It gets put down because it doesn’t sound like earrape like Citizen Erased. Everyone already loves Showbiz and Exo Politics anyways...

Great piano. Beautiful build up and its great how Matt adds layers to the song as it develops. Matt leaves you feeling like he has put as much meaning into the song as he can.

Listen to the song, just once, and you'll know why did I put this song on the list

I don't see why it's so low just because muse went for a softer approach

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31 Apocalypse Please - Absolution
32 Hoodoo - Black Holes and Revelations

This song is objectively nice to listen to, filled with a soft guitar and an anthem-ish chorus. The real beauty is the last verse though. Without it, this song is just another song about a broken relationship. The last verse discusses 'recurring nightmares' where the fact that they were loved prevented them from being a better man. It leaves the song open ended and completely takes the listener off guard. One of my favorite Muse songs ever.

Definitely the most underrated Muse song with Big Freeze, Exo-Politics and City Of Delusion.

"Why is this crisis, in your eyes again? " Already explain this song's awesomeness.

33 City of Delusion - Black Holes and Revelations

This song has pretty impressive and suitably anti-establishment lyrics, an amazing bass line, and the switch back and forth from acoustic to distorted electric guitar is pretty distinct among Muse's discography. Plus, it's catchy as hell.

One of the most addictive songs by Muse and epic as hell!

This was my favorite song for the longest time!

Madness at top made me cringe. Not under-rated, it's over-rated laugh out loud. I was going to vote for mk ultra but this will do

34 Exogenesis Symphony - The Resistance

I almost cried at the end of exogenesis symphony redemption, it's so sad, and what's worse that'll probably be us in the future

Most beautiful muse song.

35 United States of Eurasia - The Resistance
36 Futurism - Origin of Symmetry

Best muse song without a doubt.

Matt's vocals and guitar work on this song are absolutely underrated. Such a good song

This song would have gotten a whole lot more attention if it was not a bonus track...

Why isn't this song on my origin of symmetry album?

37 Escape - Showbiz

One of the most underrated underrated songs (yes it's underrated even for an underrated song) this one definitely needs some attention

Shame that no one cares about this awesome song. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LOVE THIS WHY BE SUCH A MONSTER

38 Falling Down - Showbiz

Come On Guys, This Is One Of My favorite. Muse Track,
Beautiful Songwriting, Amazing Low Falsetto SInging!

39 Blackout - Absolution

It's so haunting and sad to listen to. One of my favorite muse song's for sure

This song is perfect in all ways


40 Eternally Missed
41 Endlessly - Absolution
42 Citizen Erased - Origin of Symmetry
43 Shrinking Universe - Hullabaloo

Really, this is the most underrated muse song ever. I thought this song would make it to the top list, I'm dissapointed

This ones supposed to top the list, because the scream in the end is so long and so so so awesome, will blow your mind away, guys if you have not heard this one, you missed a master piece

44 Ruled by Secrecy - Absolution

The lyrics are astounding

My 3rd favourite this song gave me goosebumps

45 Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
46 Falling Away With You - Absolution

So so underrated how is this so low down? absolutely brilliant song

I could cry when I listen that

Total bs this is the most underrated song ever people need to listen to this song NOW! I don't care how tough you are,this song will get to you

47 Fury - Absolution

Come on this song is easily one of Muse's best. Electronics, effects, and crunching guitars all done right.

The Small Print also is a good song, they both deserve to be on the album but Fury just kicks ass

48 Supremacy - The 2nd Law

Which of you idiots added this

49 Save Me - The 2nd Law

One of the albums growers. If you give it a chance it's a very mellow yet lovely song.

YOU gotta be kidding me. This is arguably a top 10 muse song. C'mom people listen to this song WOW! UNBELIEVABLE! Why is this so low

50 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable - The 2nd Law

Music is good the singing...

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