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41 Citizen Erased - Origin of Symmetry
42 Save Me - The 2nd Law

One of the albums growers. If you give it a chance it's a very mellow yet lovely song.

YOU gotta be kidding me. This is arguably a top 10 muse song. C'mom people listen to this song WOW! UNBELIEVABLE! Why is this so low

43 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable - The 2nd Law

Music is good the singing...

44 Easily - Starlight

Easily in the top 50

45 Shine - Hullabaloo

Fantastic song, absolutely beautiful, can't believe this wasn't on the list - maybe people don't count it as underrated but I don't know any Muser who's favourite song is shine. Matts voice suits it perfectly and you can really hear the emotion at "Hope was the one, now I'm gone Take me back again". Masterpiece!

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46 Eternally Missed
47 Uprising - The Resistance

This song was #1 in twelve countries for three weeks why is this on here? It's the most overrated muse song that exists!

What?! What is uprising doing here?!? This is considered their best song!?!

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48 Ruled by Secrecy - Absolution

The lyrics are astounding

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49 Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
50 Darkshine

Come on. Anyone ever heard of this song? I think it's brilliant

Correction: the song is called darkshines not darkshine, shows how much I like it lol

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51 Falling Away With You - Absolution

I could cry when I listen that

Total bs this is the most underrated song ever people need to listen to this song NOW! I don't care how tough you are,this song will get to you

52 Endlessly - Absolution
53 Dead Star - Hullabaloo Soundtrack
54 Intro - Absolution

Great Lyrics. They're very deep.

Best lyrics ever love it

I love this song!

55 Supremacy - The 2nd Law

Which of you idiots added this

56 Fillip - Showbiz

This song Rocks totally

57 Shrinking Universe - Hullabaloo

This ones supposed to top the list, because the scream in the end is so long and so so so awesome, will blow your mind away, guys if you have not heard this one, you missed a master piece

58 Starlight - Black Holes and Revelations

This is actually one of their most overrated songs, alongside Madness. No wonder it's at the very bottom of the list. - Rorywilbren

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59 Jimmy Kane
60 Unintended - Showbiz
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