Top Ten Most Underrated NASCAR Drivers

Drivers that aren't recognized for all they truly are.

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1 Regan Smith

Should be full time in Cup Series right now.

And now taking over the 43 for now...

Replaced Dale Jr? Please... I like Regan as much as the next guy but if anyone its Kasey Kahne, he is easily the worst driver on Hendrick, but sure lets replace a guy with 26 wins and a top ten driver every race with Regan Smith... no thanks.

Feel bad for him. But with kurt busch especia D. V he will probably be on shr

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2 Trevor Bayne

Some people clearly don't know the difference between "underrated" and "overrated". Bayne is overrated.

That is very true I also think Bayne should go to Sprint Cup - michaelwalton

This guy is an amazing driver. He rarely finishes below 20th. And, he's also won the Daytona 500. He should've gone cup instead of Ricky Stenhouse Jr. - CrackersInJuly

Even to this day I don't understand why Bayne isn't driving for Roush in the 17. Stenhouse should've stayed a bit longer.

3 Mark Martin

Undoubtedly the best driver never to win a championship. Humble, and physically and mentally fit. Fantastic at oval tracks, which is showcased by the fact that he's the only 5 time IROC Series champion in history. Running partial seasons in the Busch series, he commanded a team that consistently dominated races. Runner up so many times and by such small margin, even his fellow racers consider him to be champion quality.

This guy is the oldest guy racing at the cup level. And yet he's still constantly in contention for wins. - CrackersInJuly

Nobody cares for poor Mark.

4 Dave Blaney

Should have gone to Penske in the #22 instead of that moron LogaNO - mister83e

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5 Jeff Gordon

They say he doesn't have it anymore. Tell that to this season- a win, and aside from 2 wrecks (Talladega and the All Star Race) his worst finish is 13th. Need I say more?

Mr. Gordon is put down way too much. He is a 4 time champ with 84 wins and counting. That's the most in NASCAR's modern era. The facts say it all. - CrackersInJuly

Jeff has been the face of gentlemanly sportsmanship and yet others continue to put him down! His charities show what a caring man he truly is.

6 Michael Waltrip

The guy may not have won much, but he runs a great team and is posibly the best plate racer in the sport. - CrackersInJuly

7 Kurt Busch Kurt Busch Kurt Thomas Busch is an American professional stock car racing driver. He currently competes full-time in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.

The guy may be a hothead like his brother, but you have to admit. The temper isn't the only thing that was passed over between the two. They both could drive a ball of dirt to the win any day. - CrackersInJuly

8 Austin Dillon

This guy has the courage to drive the famed #3. He's also won in it twice. He deserves a cup ride. - CrackersInJuly

9 Ryan Blaney

The son of Dave. He is a great racer and yet still doesn't have a full time cup ride. - CrackersInJuly

He is such a great racer and I think he'll win before Chase Elliot - kennywilliams21

10 Joe Nemechek

He can beat anyone on the field but NASCAR does not look at him as a good driver they ignore him a lot he knows how to win he's done it 4 times but they don't look at him good

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11 Brad Keselowski Brad Keselowski

He finally got the recognition he deserves when he got the championship last year, but has deserved it all along. What can I say? The guy is an awesome driver. - CrackersInJuly

12 Paul Menard

Is a good.. very good racer. in his position in life 999.9% of us would have failed at any thing. he is a very nice person.. rare today

13 A. J. Allmendinger

Even though he got busted in a drug test he still is a talented driver and should be given a chance to race sprint

Winning with a JTG Car in Watkins Glen. Got the chance to win Indy 500. Great Ringer, and he deserves to be in 2015 Chase

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14 Kyle Busch Kyle Busch

This guy is one of the most talented drivers ever.

One of the most talented drivers ever... if you take out Petty, Pearson, Earnhardt, Johnson, Gordon, Stewart, DW, Allison, Harvick, Kenseth, and about 30 others.

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15 Joey Logano Joey Logano

A great talent. Hasn't been on a decent Cup team to showcase it yet. Even though he was with JGR, his team lead by Zipidelli was a joke.

16 Brian Vickers

He is one of the most consistent drivers out there. When he drove for hendrick he was good!

His average finishes for last season are unreal, he is truely underrated.

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17 Jeff Burton
18 Martin Truex, Jr.

Doing a great job so far this year in the #78 car

He is just on a God aful team. If he stayed wit MWR, he would be good

19 J. D. McDuffie

653 races with no win. I do feel for his family. He died.

R.I. P J. D McDuffie

20 Kyle Larson Kyle Larson
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