Most Underrated New Line Cinema Movies Ever


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1 The Long Kiss Goodnight

The Long Kiss Goodnight it's it's one of my favourite movies when I first watch this movie on television I thought was good when I first what watch it I think it was in 2009 after I watch the film I order a DVD. And then I hope they do more sequel and I hope geena Davis will return to long Kiss Goodnight sequels I hope one day.

Absolutely right, this movie has by far Shane Black's best screenplay and great performances by Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson!

One of the best Action movies ever. Just see it! - Alexandr

2 Live Wire

Decent but very overlooked action movie with Pierce Brosnan - Alexandr

3 Blast from the Past

Sweet & nice comedy/romance with Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone - Alexandr

4 Lawnmower Man 2 - Jobe's War

Call me crazy but I like this one, especially the effects and virtual world - Alexandr

5 Cellular

Superb intense thriller with always hot Kim Basinger - Alexandr

6 Last Man Standing

Bruce Willis is cool hero as always - Alexandr

7 In Love and War

Sandra Bullock's first serious dramatic performance - Alexandr

8 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

This movie was based on fighting video game so fight scenes were the most important here and honestly, fight scenes were BRILLIANT - Alexandr

9 The Golden Compass

Highly under-rated - the book is better, however there are few fantasy movies that can stand up to this one.

10 Final Destination 2

The Contenders

11 Lost in Space

It's an okay movie

12 Wes Craven's New Nightmare
13 Repossessed
14 Dark City
15 The Cell

Real art of cinematography, brilliant visual effects that depict our inner world. Unique story and nice acting - Alexandr

16 Blade: Trinity
17 Year of the Comet
18 Spawn
19 Corrina, Corrina

One of my favorite movies with Whoopi Goldberg. She and Ray Liotta looked awesome together. Great movie - Alexandr

20 The Lawnmower Man
21 Communion
22 Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
23 The Hidden
24 Phenomena
25 Critters 4
26 Malice
27 Heaven's Prisoners
28 One Night Stand
29 The Corruptor
30 Blade II
31 Simone
32 Shoot 'Em Up
33 Be Kind Rewind
34 Son of the Mask
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1. The Long Kiss Goodnight
2. Live Wire
3. Blast from the Past


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