Hidden Gems #22 Mischief Makers

htoutlaws2012 Before Jumping Right Into the Game: Today's game was a request by Nonpointed so thanks for this suggestion of this gem called Mischief Makers. An N64 exclusive from 1997, and for the the U.K and Australia got the next year in 1998. This game was published by Square Enix, and Treasure developed the game in which were responsible for other great classics such as Gunstar Heroes, Ikaruga, & Sin and Punishment down the road, but the one game in their library is often considered their most underrated of the collection being Mischief Makers.

Gameplay: As I put the cartridge in all the way, and the intro is pretty cool. I start the game and oh its a side scrolling platformer Game that's pretty cool, but if i'm gonna knock for one thing, and its that bad of a nitpick is it looks like a game that could have been on the Atari Jaguar that's what the graphics remind me of. I'll admit that the sound is low sounding, and even when I looked up its soundtrack i'm like ''hmm... wish it was louder at least than to hear Bastion Booger's theme pretty much.'' Okay let us look at the positive upside this game brings to the table, it is addictive, and very playable. It's almost liking mashing buttons in a way, but your really fighting your way to complete a certain amount of levels until eventually facing a boss in which there are 5 in each world. You could kinda compare it to the early Sonic games, and how quick it kind of is. The only way you can restore you health bar is by finding you can either stock up, and save it, or you'll have to find certain items to get those gems from giving the much needed healing you need to progress through the game. If you end up getting all gold gems you get the proper ending in which case is a bit weird when you look back on it.

Verdict: This game does have replay value, unlike what other critics think its does have good moments throughout the journey even if the ending is strange. I do feel this is one of the most underappreciated games coming from the N64 era, maybe it was because of the presence with graphics that may have come off unintended, but makes it a lot more underrated in that regard. I'd give this a chance if your curious of very obscure titles to find. Although for Nintendo shops its rarely found I find. 7 out of 10 That is all for now until next time i'm outlaws, and goodnight.