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1 The Bird and the Worm

I started listening to owl city after I heard this song at national geographic channel. And still it's the best song for me from owl city

I love this song a lot... Love you Adam

With friends like these, who needs enemies? - ProPanda

One of my favourite songs...while listening the song I forget everything...I don't know why but this song touches my heart...👍👍👍

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2 Plant Life

Most people don't understand the lyrics to this song. You kind of have to listen to it a few times to understand it properly. But once you do, this song is so much more than just about plants! It's a wonderfully written song about overcoming your fears and the melody must of took ages to get right.

I listened to all the songs of the album except this one. By looking at the song title, I didn't found it interesting. Finally when I pushed the "play" button I just repeated the song again and again! One of his best hits I must say.

I really didn't hear this song at first until my friend told me about it.. Really a wonderful song from a great artist!
Love you Adam!

How is this one underrated? In my opinion this is so overrated. A bunch of my friends who are also Owl City nerds agree with me.

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3 Strawberry Avalanche

This is such a sweet song and the lyrics are so random and funny with a really catching beat! This is one of my favorites. Go Adam!

4 The Real World

This song is just so perfect. The lyrics are so true, and just like all of Adam's songs he puts so much thought into each line. This is by far his best song. When I listen to this song I am immediately taken away from "the real world" and I don't feel stressed about life anymore. That's why this song in my opinion is one of the beat.

Anyone who loves nature will absolutely love dis song! Way to go adam!

I don't live there

5 The Saltwater Room
6 When Can I See You Again?

How on earth did this song NOT make it anywhere on the Billboard Charts? In my opinion, it was one of the stronger tracks of 2012; The fact that it was featured in a Disney family movie shouldn't change that fact.

Immortals and Let It Go made it on the Billboard Top 10, but not this song?

Tell me when? When can I see you again?

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7 Thunderstruck

Remix time..

8 Silhouette

It is not imaginary... He wrote his heart out... Purely beautiful

A song that could have beaten Fireflies off the charts...

Amazing. Certainly soulful and heart touching - divphygamer

I love this song

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9 Shooting Star

I would say that this song makes my top 5 Owl City songs list. I can't imagine why so many people could wave it off as irrelevant or frivolous. I personally think it has inspiring lyrics, but lyrics aside (because some people think the lyrics are a bit childish), this song is amazing and powerful on its own. The instrumental version sounds fantastic, and I can't help but enjoy this song every time I hear it. I can understand why it's not one of Owl City's most popular songs (because it's a little different than what he usually does), but I still think it is underrated much too often.

This song is so underrated, the only reason people didn't like it was because it was something a little different to what adam usually does. They used it in our school musical and that's when I fell in love with the song! Ah so good!

I think it is so weird how this song is not popular, while stupid, uninspired money grabber songs are popular! The tune and lyrics are pure genius. Adam, you are amazingly amazing!

An extremely underrated song...a hell lot... astonishing how this exceptional song gets sidelined from owl city's top songs list...

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10 Angels

This song is so great and I don't know why it isn't higher. This song really shows how bad pop music is and how good alternative is! Owl City is the greatest musician ever! 'I'm dreaming of a life I once loved, so wake me if you're out there'

My favorite song EVER! I can't believe it isn't higher! The worst thing I have ever heard about this song is that the tone is too high (it is not! )!

This song has so much imagery to it, you can actually picture every lyric that is being sung, like you are vicariously acting out what is being sung. the music is so heavenly and it aids in taking you to another world. being both a tranquil and dance beat. Very underrated

Love this song! "On the dust on my cellar staircase, a pair of footprints followed me.

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11 Up All Night

The limerick at the end is the best!

12 Rainbow Veins

Is it possible... ?!?! It is good enough to beat hello seattle.. Please guys have a listn.. I'm sure it should be on the top 5 list

I love this song. It really takes you away. The music and lyrics are jsut so cute and adorable
~ Cheer up and dry your damp eyes and tell me when it rains
'cause I'll blend that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins.

13 Speed of Love
14 Fuzzy Blue Lights

The song is sweet and cute please listen to it uwill love it for sure please vote for it its worth it! :) please please please please please!
The lyrics are sweet too! 11

So Sad Song and So Underrated

15 To the Sky

I really love this song. The lyrics poured by Adam Youngs in this song are awesome.

One of his best songs

Legend Of The Guardians was an Awesometacular movie and this was the PERFECT song for the movie and it also has the best music video for it where Adam Young actually turns into an Owl. Whait What?!?!? :0

This is Amazing! Adam was amazing at this song, I love it!
And the music video, when Adam Young turned into an Owl I mean, yes! I love owl's, so an Adam Owl is OWLSOME!

16 Umbrella Beach
17 In Christ Alone

This is such a beautiful song, especially when it's sung by Adam Young...

18 Embers

This song is just wonderful and heart-touching and still my favorite oc song cause it speaks about our hard times and encourages us to rise above it and shine and it has a soothing effect too...

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19 Hospital Flowers

The lyrics and the music is so awesome and positive amidst a negative accident. truly underrated, along with the rest of the songs from All things Bright and Beautiful

Pretty much all of the songs on ATBAB are underrated. Hostpial Flowers is such a beautiful song. Give it a chance.

20 Panda Bear

This song motivated me to listen to more of owl city

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