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21 How I Became the Sea How I Became the Sea

This song is so beautiful and it deserves way more credit than it gets.

This has been my favourite Owl City song for a long time. It's so unique and wonderful.

I always knew about this song and I finally downloaded it, and wow!

Just really good and really creative!

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22 If My Heart Was a House If My Heart Was a House

Best Owl City Song. No need to say more.

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23 Deer In the Headlights Deer In the Headlights

This is my favorite song. It describes love at first sight very well. It has tw cutesy music video I have ever seen. It is insanely catchy but not very many people listen to it.

24 On the Wing On the Wing
25 Alligator Sky Alligator Sky V 1 Comment
26 Lonely Lullaby Lonely Lullaby

This song is so beautiful and amazing, this is different. Its written from the heart and sung from the soul. It brings tears to your eyes. Put this on the Radio and it would be number one in no time. This is one of Adam's best songs!

Seriously, listen to it you will not regret it!

27 Dreams Don't Turn to Dust Dreams Don't Turn to Dust

This is an amazing song! I don't know if it's that underrated but its still awesome!

28 Kamikaze Kamikaze
29 My Everything My Everything V 2 Comments
30 Paper Tigers
31 Meteor Shower Meteor Shower
32 The Technicolor Phase The Technicolor Phase
33 Hello Seattle Hello Seattle

Fireflies was the first Owl City song I heard, but Hello Seattle (Remix) was the first Owl City song I fell in love with.

34 Honey and the Bee Honey and the Bee

This song is, in my opinion, the most underrated song by Owl City... The song is actually really nice...

35 Beautiful Times Beautiful Times

This is my favorite Owl City song ever.

36 This Isn't the End This Isn't the End
37 Gold Gold
38 I'm Coming After You I'm Coming After You
39 Dreams and Disasters Dreams and Disasters

One of the best songs, TOTALLY underrated

40 You're Not Alone You're Not Alone
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