Most Underrated Paramore Songs

The Top Ten
1 Future Future Cover Art
2 All We Know

But we CANNNT.

3 26 26 Cover Art
4 Playing God Playing God Cover Art
5 Grudges Grudges Cover Art
6 Hallelujah Hallelujah Cover Art

Most amazing and underrated song ever!

7 Feeling Sorry Feeling Sorry Cover Art

Dammit son this song is the best it should be at top 10 at least

8 Turn It Off Turn It Off Cover Art

One of their songs that shows Paramore's christian side.
Which is my favorite side of Paramore.

9 For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic Cover Art

I'm pretty optimistic too this song should be at least in their top 20

10 Whoa Whoa Cover Art
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11 Idle Worship Idle Worship Cover Art
12 Pressure

I remember that time when I heard this song for the first time I was just 1 years old now I'm a 69years old grandma with 6 grandchildren

13 When It Rains When It Rains Cover Art

The lyrics are beautiful and its like impossible not to sing along

This is the best I listened to before I gave a birth to a baby orangutan

Such a simple but powerful song

14 Emergency

This one is not popular, but it's not underrated...

15 Proof Proof Cover Art
16 Misguided Ghosts Misguided Ghosts Cover Art

Crying so hard like there's a bowl of onions in front of me

It will make you cry and the guitar is amazing

This is the song tgat made me cry

No way! this song should be apreiciated

17 My Heart

I can't believe this was at the bottom of the list for "Top Paramore songs". So much emotion in this song. "All We Know is Falling" is an underrated album itself. If I had to choose from underrated singles, it would be "Playing God". "Looking Up" is also underrated.

This break my heart

18 Hate to See Your Heart Break Hate to See Your Heart Break Cover Art

This song means so much to me. It has this bittersweet feeling to it, of sadness and friendship and pain and healing. Truly beautiful. Also Hayley's vocals are so soft and lovely in this one.

19 Franklin Franklin Cover Art
20 Let the Flames Begin Let the Flames Begin Cover Art

This is my favorite son from their Riot! Album. Playing God and Emergency: underrated? Oh please!

*song, my apologies. Best one ever!

This song has so much emotions to be at place 1 in my opinion.
It has potential to mess with Misery Business.

21 Here We Go Again Here We Go Again Cover Art

Need more recognition

22 Renegade

This is another great song guys! Very very underrated.

This song is catchy and fantastic x)

23 (One of Those) Crazy Girls (One of Those) Crazy Girls Cover Art
24 Conspiracy

How is this not higher? Conspiracy is one of paramore's best songs. The guitar riffs that Josh did was plainly amazing and Hayley's vocals are AMAZING at such a young age. I don't get why conspiracy is so underappreaciated when it's obviously one of their strongest songs. It's a slower song but it has so much more meaning to it and that's what makes it truly Paramore's best songs. BRING BACK CONSPIRACY!

I would say For a Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic but as that song is commonly played live it's more well known. Conspiracy is one of their many hidden gems. Hayley's voice truly is beautiful.

The best out of the best

How tf this isn't at their top 15

25 Miracle Miracle Cover Art

This song is a miracle

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