Most Underrated Persian Rappers

The Top Ten

1 A2

Best talent with few works

He's amazing
Great talent wow!

2 Safir
3 G-dal
4 Fadai

Genuis.he's flow is fire he's lyricaly he can word play and great rhyming

Lyrics good sound good text good every thing good he has every thing to be an awesome rapper

5 Rez
6 Benyamin
7 Donred Chronic
8 Shayea
9 Reza Tesla
10 Paya

The Contenders

11 Ali Silent
12 Mehrad Hidden Mehrad Hidden is a Iranian singer, rapper, and producer. He grew up listening and composing rock songs. At age 18, He formed the group Zedbazi with Saman Wilson.

The best persian rapper

13 Sorena
14 T-day
15 Ghedis
16 aTa

Member of 7T Group
Producer and Rapper

Fb. Com/7TFans

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