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1 Raichu Raichu Raichu is an Electric type Pokémon, and the evolution of Pikachu. Raichu is number 26 in the Pokedex. It has an Alolan Form, which is an Electric/Psychic type.

Everyone likes Pikachu too much... Game Freak is giving too much stuff to Pikachu. Who get's the light ball? Pikachu. Who get's to change outfits for contests in ORAS? Pikachu. Which Pokemon gets to say their anime cry in XY? Pikachu. Which Pokemon can you find with a low level in the grass even though it has a pre evolution? Pikachu. Which Pokemon did Game Freak choose to almost KILL Giovanni in the anime with their electro ball? Pikachu. Game Freak should stop and think about Raichu. Did you know that Clefairy was originally going to be Ash's first Pokemon? If the mascot was Clefairy then would Clefairy get all of the praise? I bet it would. I know that people say 'If you hate Pikachu then you hate Pokemon! ' but you don't have to like a 10 year old's first Pokemon. Even though Pikachu may be the mascot, I will always love Raichu, no matter how stupid Game Freak will make him look. - anythingispossible

How many times have game freak given things to Raichu? Well, it got an Alolan form and a Z move, so that's 2 things. What about it pre-evolved form, Pikachu? It has multiple games staring it, the light ball which only works with Pikachu, 6 stupid clones of it, being the only Pokemon who can say it's own name, being able to wear different outfits, and it's own Z move... about 12 things. I understand he's the mascot, but most players, like me, don't give a damn about Pikachu and are sick of having the thing shoved in our face! I actually have a tradition whenever I start a new Pokemon game if I have a Pikachu I evolve it the second I get a thunder stone. Sweet relief.

I get it, it is way better than pikachu but people thinks pikachu is better because anime. But that doesn't make raichu underrated, pikachu is the second most overrated Pokemon, second only to charizard, the definition of overrate in Pokemon. In fact, I think it is overrated since some people think it is strong just because it is the evolution of pikachu.

Raichu is love! Raichu is life!
Well, at least he's MY life!

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2 Venusaur Venusaur Venusaur, known in Japan as Fushigibana, is a Grass/Poison type Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

How is this thing underrated? Aside from me, I know none who hate this thing. It's praised everywhere, seriously! People are bragging to everyone about this thing, and it's really getting annoying, but the fans aren't one reason to why I hate this thing, hating a Pokemon because of it's fans is just retarded.

Everyone always chooses Charizard, but I pick Venusaur because I know it has a decent move pool, awesome special attack and special defense stats, and Mega Venusaur can really take a hit with thick fat.

Venusaur is awesome it is so underrated people like Charizard and Blastoise but Venusaur needs more love it is pretty good so yeah.

Venusaur is the most overrated pokemon I have ever seen in my life.
I've done so many polls, and pretty much all of them end with the venusaur win. I like venusaur, but he is EXTREMELY overrated. I don't get how people actually think this thing is underrated...
Its really annoying. I don't know anyone (i'm being serious) that doesn't think venusaur is the best gen 1 starter. I'm not kidding. So be quiet and think about it. - mangamango

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3 Vanilluxe

People hate it because it's apparently "a sign that game freak is running out of ideas". And it's ICE CREAM, who doesn't love ice cream?

People say he's badly designed but he's AWESOME HE IS ICE CREAM FOR ARCEUS'S SAKE so underrated

If you're saying stat total of 535 is bad, I don't really understand what is going on in your head

I agree the design isn't bad but I just don't like ice cream that much to be honest

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4 Porygon-Z Porygon-Z

It has a unique design and is very good in battle! Give the poor glitchy duck a chance.

Has amazing abilities, amazing special attack, and an amazing look, but gets hated on due to Porygon 2 being smoother than it. Base 135 Sp Attack and 90 speed make it a great sweeper, but people never give it a chance.

5 Blastoise Blastoise Blastoise, known in Japan as Kamex, is a Water–type Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Blastoise is overrated!

Charizard haters

6 Banette Banette

My favorite pokemon, but not even known by most people. Having one of the strongest attack stats, Banette is very formidable.

HOW DARE THEY HATE ON MARIAN! I love Banette and went out of my way to google up Cave of Emptiness and is going on Thursday to get it in Pokemon Village in Pokemon X.Its Mega is so haunting yet beautiful and its one I need to get.

This guy is a really underrated Pokemon even though it has a mega

Underrated ghost. As a ghost trainer, I have a Banette with a mega stone (or a Mega Banette, if you want) and it's incredibly good! It may not be the best even with the Mega Ev., but it's worth having it in your team. Banette is my second favourite pokemon, Mismagius being first, and Chandelure being third. It also has a creepy and cool backstory. Not spoiling it, see for yourself! I highly recommend catching a Shuppet if you haven't alredy, but don't make this overrated please. - Ohno

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7 Drapion Drapion

I love Drapion, But I will admit, its not the best pokemon ever considering that it doesn't learn too many good moves. But it has a good model, decent stats, and its only weakness is ground. I think this pokemon needs a mega. - USGC

No one likes Drapion for some reason. I like him!

Awesome Pokemon.

One of my favorite Poison-type Pokemon - PerfectImpulseX

8 Reuniclus

I love the cell thing that's reuniclus I never used one on my team but still love the cell thing.pleas

9 Luxray Luxray

How is it underrated... It is overrated. Somebody said it is the best electric Pokemon.. Why? I mean he said it has a limited movepool, which is true, but he still think it is the best for like no reasons. The only good thing about luxray is 120 attack, intimidate and hidden ability of guts, ok coverages and that's it. It has a terrible speed of 70 and 80/79/79 isn't too good. As a bulky Pokemon it also lacks a recovery move. Why do people think it is underrated

Luxray is one of the best electric times, even with a limited move pool. However, it's lack of promotion and under usage makes it under rated :(

Oh luxray, I love luxray and think it needs more appreciation. It's design is so cool! I understand that it has a bad move pool and stats but they can fix that with a needed mega evolution!

Luxray isn't overrated compared to Pikachu. Not only because of its badass look, I personally like it because it's only weak to ground like other electric types

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10 Chesnaught Chesnaught

I love all grass types, but Chesnaught has to take the cake. I play a Pokemon imitation game, Pokemon Brick Bronze. My Chesnaught is a boss with spiky shield, seed bomb, rollout, and pin missile. Defeated a grass type gym!

This thing is a murderer. CHESNAUGHT FOREVER! As soon as I saw Chespin in January 2013, I knew I wanted him. - Goatworlds

Yeah, I only know about two other people that like Chesnaught. I mean, they're probably my least favourite starter from Pokemon X and Y, but I'm still happy to have them! - Shiverfeather

I had no regrets choosing chespin, I do admit his second evolution Quilladin was quite hideous to look at, but chesnaught is a beast! He smashed most of the gym leaders, the elite four and diantha's pokemon, it's very underrated and deserves so much more. It barely made an appearance in the anime

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11 Floatzel Floatzel

The most fabulous of the 800 or so species of Pokemon. - PerfectImpulseX

One of the fastest!

Floatzel can one hit KO a mega rayquaza, mega slsamence and with adament nature a mega garchomp and then dance in the rain saying "can't touch this.

I know right my floatzel is so good in my rain team with rain it is so fast and kicks a lot of A**

12 Sharpedo Sharpedo

It's a shark with a mega need I say more

Love at first sight

13 Smeargle Smeargle

It's very fun to use Sketch on a foe! - PerfectImpulseX

14 Aerodactyl Aerodactyl

Because reasons. It got a mega evolution but it wasn't really all that good so...

15 Zoroark Zoroark

This thing is master of disguise and can be a total troll when tricking people into think it is a shiny so they use a master ball on it

I don't think Zoroark is underrated. Many loves him and use him. I love his ability lol like he is gonna fool them all.

Since Black and white zoroark has been my favorite pokemon. His ability is amazing and with proper use he can can destroy teams. He's kind of a glass cannon, but if you smack specs on him. Destruction insues.

It's ability can allow for some good outplays

16 Magmortar Magmortar

Raichu is underrated, but nobody cares about Magmortar except me and 1 friend of mine. I mean come on, this guy is so powerful, looks like he's from the Incredibles, and even though he is fire type (which I am not a big fan of), he is just underrated by all means.

Magmortar is awesome and due who said no one cares about magmortar except you and your friend I am with you but I still think Electivire is better

Actually one of the best fire type Pokemon out there.

My favorite pokemon use it in every game it is attainable with that magmarizer of course

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17 Gothitelle Gothitelle

People don't like her design, which I find very cool, she has great stats except in speed and attack (which she doesn't need 'cause is phychic type ) and can learn good moves too, definitely the best V generation Pokemon for me and one of my favorites

It is a great a Pokemon and should get more respect. It is a gardevoir with bulk

It has shadow tag, but people still don't like it.

I don't like this One Delphox Has more Effort Then this - BraixenBreak

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18 Zebstrika Zebstrika

This Pokémon is honestly really cool, one of the better Gen 5 debuts and pretty decent. I like Zoroark but this is much more superior. - Swellow

It was one of my first shinies :3

19 Serperior Serperior

I chose tepig as my starter, and I was happy when evolved into an funny (yet cute) looking Pignite, and then to a powerful Emboar. Serperior, though, has a really awesome design! It looks so fancy and slick. Like teach it Energy Ball, Dragon Pulse (if you have ORAS), Glare (through breeding), and Leech Seed! Or Leaf Blade, Coil, Aqua Tail (ORAS tutor), and Leech Seed! This pokemon is pretty underrated in my opinion

This is my favorite Pokemon for nostalgia reasons, but I don't think it's underrated. In fact, I've never met anyone who hates Serperior.

I love serperior but it's underrated and overhated

I feel it's the underrated pokemon for the Unova region cause of its speed.

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20 Garbodor Garbodor

Garbodor is an awesome Pokemon with an awesome idea for a design. A Pokemon that eats up garbage to add to its body? Hell yes! In fact Muk/Grimer is very similar, and they're just piles of goop, but they don't get the hate that Garbodor does.

Garbodor = NU tier still bad but

Charizard = PU tier get rekt genwunners

If this pokemon was rel IT WOULD END POLLUTION - Ohno


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