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41 Ampharos Ampharos Ampharos is an Electric-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II . It evolves from Flaaffy starting at level 30 . It is the final form of Mareep . It can Mega Evolve into Mega Ampharos using the Ampharosite, in which it becomes an Electric/Dragon-type .

I don't know about if it's really underrated but in most of my Pokemon runs I use him.

Overshadowed by pikachu, emolga, etc.

Good electric type, why isn't Jolteon on the list?

It's pretty good and it's so cute! :3

42 Clefable Clefable

Very underrated, some people even say it is one of the worst fully evolved Pokemon, but it really isn't. It has a wonderful ability"magic guard", makes it only takes damage from damaging moves. Unaware is also a very useful ability it has. It also only have two weakness and an ok bulk of 95/73/95. Along with that, it gets calm mind+soft boiled combo, makes it hard to beat for times. It also gets cosmic power, which is great with soft-boiled. It also gets t-wave, wish, heal bell and stealth rock to support the team. It has some good coverages like fire blast, flamethrower, focus blast, ice beam and thunderbolt and yet some people think it sucks...

It's a fairy for crying out loud give this poor thing some respect it's immune to dragon and only weak to poison which it can learn psychic and its weak to steel but it can learn flame thrower! Plus stab moon blast and calm mind this is a tank with unaware too swords dance doesn't even boost a pokemon 's attack stat becuase of clefable!

Can someone add uxie

Clefable has two weaknesses poison and steel and there are no competitively viable poison types and the only steel type you'll ever see in the battle spot is mettagross and besides clefable can learn flame thrower now all it needs is a little boost to its speed and bam u got urself a tank

43 Muk Muk

While Muk might not be the prettiest Pokemon, he more than makes up for it in personality.

Mul is an absolute legend. The way he took out a bell sprout in the Indigo league will live long in the memory.

Whereecver I go I see I hate muk

People only hate it for its design and name. It actually has good stats and moves, and can be really useful in the sense of offense, with high attack. It also has great HP. - Goatworlds

44 Spiritomb Spiritomb

Gen 6 gave this guy a weakness and sableye is much better, but I still like him.

It's awesome it has no weaknesses - Pikachulover1

45 Eelektross Eelektross

Like the only Pokemon with zero weaknesses in gen 6!

This is my favorite Pokémon, I managed to beat a lot of people in sun and moon with it, that was because of pokebank

Easly my favorite Pokemon, but it gets 0 love. I have no idea why. It has a cool design, a levitating lamprey-electric eel combined with a wire is much more original then just a lizard with wings. An electric type+levitate=no weakness. Good offense and defense, eh, bad speed, LARGE movepool, good troll for earthquake users. What else you want?

46 Dunsparce

It has a good movepool, and someone won a tournament in 2005 with the help of Dunsparce. - GREATEST

Look, I know it has an awful design, but it's move learnset is just incredible! I have used this fellow before in various playthroughs, and every time it pulled through.

47 Buizel Buizel

Buizel is awesome. And WAY better than Pikachu. Why?

Better stats even though Buizel is a basic

Super fast

Wide move pull, including poison type, ground type, and even fighting and ice type moves.

Awesome design

Breaks stereotype of Water Type Pokemon being blue

And looks MILES better in sunglasses. Need I carry on? Don't waste your vote, vote for this super awesome Pokemon!

Now seriously. I have to add Buizel on this list because no one else will! It's crazy! Buizel is my favorite Pokemon ever! And Dawn used to have it, but the dumb idiot traded it to Ash! Come on Dawn! You were the perfect team with Buizel.. Well I think Buizel is awesome and everyone should like him.. Vote for Buizel!

This one should be number one! When people start noticing how cool this pokemon is, maybe Pikachu and the others will get a break!

Favourite Pokemon by far it's cute fast strong and just overall awesome

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48 Mamoswine Mamoswine
49 Onix Onix
50 Pineco

Everyone always rages on how it's just a pine cone, but I think that's fine as long as it makes sense.

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51 Maractus Maractus

I don't get it I normally whoop peoples ass with this thing. - taytayxtaytay

He will take over the world some day - YourKingMaractus

FEAR MARACTUS WITH SOOO MUCH SPIKY SHIELD! Seriously, endeavor with sucker punch and spiky shield with back-up knock off/toxic can take out Talonflame, Mega Rayquaza, and many others. Spiky shield takes care of most priority so you can use fear on many pokemon. Also, Maractus is my favorite pokemon.

I didn't know this Pokémon even EXISTED until about a week ago - Crabmccrab

52 Torterra Torterra

Honestly, this thing is completely underrated compared to other starters. It deserves to be higher.

100? this should be in the top 10. Only my brother and I like this guy that I know of.

This thing is a power house

53 Bidoof Bidoof

I am not putting this as a joke he is NOT the worst Pokemon of all time why does everyone like shedinja then it has 1 heath it can use superpower and sweep whole teams with that move bidoof is the best out of all the gimmicky generic rodent Pokemon that you find early in the game - ikerevievs

Bidoof is a good Pokemon. he has Earthquake, thunderbolt and blizzard in his arsenal (move pool).

If I were in the Pokemon show I would have a bidoof as a partner named Joey

I'm gonna say this loud and clear.

Bidoof is better that Charizard or Pikachu.
Hate me all you want, your opinion is nothing to me.

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54 Lickitung Lickitung

I never see Lickitung on anyone's 'favorite pokemon' or 'cutest pokemon' etc lists! Everyone seems to forget about this guy. The design is cute and charming, and even if it's not the most useful pokemon, it should still be appreciated for how adorable it is.

Lickitung and Diglett are underrated

55 Dewgong Dewgong

Look at her! She's as white as a fluffy little cloud yet she isn't ridiculously fluffy like other so-called 'cute' Pokemon! She is the Queen of both Ice and Water (though actually, Lugia deserves Water. All hail King Luigi the Lugia! ). Look at those deep, dark eyes, just look. Plus, thanks to the cute little horn she is pretty much a Narwhal! Third favourite Pokemon of all time and deeply underrated. I don't get why people think Spheal is cuter, in my opinion that weird jaw it has is just plain creepy.

3rd favorite I love dewgong

56 Gallade Gallade

It's sad how such an awesome pokemon is so overrated. Yeah, its not the best pokemon, but its design is damn awesome. Right..?

Why the hell does Gardevoir have a mega evolution but not Gallade?!

Gallade got a mega in ORAS

Mega gallade v the apocalypse = mega gallade wins beast design

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57 Conkeldurr Conkeldurr

This is my boy Conk. And I have to admitt, he's pretty ugly. But ugly doesn't mean cool. (*Cough* scarfty *Cough* Crawdaunt *cough* etc). And in battle, he have access to poison jab, ice punch and knock off for type coverage, a STAB mach punch, great defensive stats (except for special defense), skyrock physical attack and it's the best user of the assault vest thanks to drain punch (and thanks to this item conk's problem with special defense is gone). For me this is Machamp 2.0 and the second best fighting type (if we don't count the one that haves fighting as a secondary types like Chesnaught or Infernape0.

58 Infernape Infernape

All people talk about in the anime is either Ash's Charizard of Greninja. What about Infernape? It's a beast in Blaze mode. - yungstirjoey666

It has a feat, and that's knocking out a Metagross as a Chimchar, but it did lose to Flint's Infernape, and Ash didn't use it against Tobias, so maybe Infernape still wasn't strong enough for Darkrai. - noo7na7

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59 Flygon Flygon

Flygon is always hated because everyone thinks that Garchomp is better.

Flygon's are great, There my favorite dragon type. I've kicked my friends butt with my boy. I love these ground/dragon cinnamon rolls

Flygon is boss, dude! I have a Flygon, and I whoop peoples butt with her! Unless it's against my friend's hacked Pokemon...

I would say this is kinda overrated for the emo 10 year olds, but it's not the most loved like Umbreon the emo-bait. So I'm kinda iffy on it.

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60 Snorunt Snorunt

It seems like nobody that I know remembers the snow hat Pokemon. He's my personal favorite! He has a good design, balanced base stats, and decent move pool, but I have to remind everyone I know that plays Pokemon which one Snorunt is.

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