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61 Swampert Swampert

All people talk about these days are Blaziken or Sceptile. Nobody bats an eye on Swampert.

Swamp wet is one of the few water type Pokemon who are immune to electricity including Whiscash and Stunfisk

I have to vote swampert.Highest base stat immune to electric types, only weakness grass type simple teach it an ice move and done.No Mr chicken blaziken or sceptile aren't better.Vote for Swampert at least in the top 10 not 56.

I'm not kidding. Best starter Pokemon. however, everyobody always says "Sceptiles faster" or "Blazikens better" or "Charizards better" Only the first one is true, but swampert is still better than sceptile, and is really underrated

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62 Musharna Musharna

Why is Gothitelle 10th? It's special attack is hypno! And it may have a shallow move pool but quality over quantity. Mega Musharna for the win!

I raised one of these things to level 100 and it's great. Also, the design is really original and charming. Needs a lot more love.

Here's a fun little game! Show a picture of Musharna to any (ANY) Pokémon fan. Chances are, they'll either not remember it, or say "Dude, that's a weak Pokémon." Bulky as heck, good Sp. Atk., plus a counter to every one of its weaknesses. Every Psychic type EVER with bulk.

63 Charmander Charmander Charmander, known as Hitokage in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Charizard (kind of) gets a lot of love. Definitely more than Charmander. - thelegendaries101

Charmander isn't overrated. But Charizard is.

Poor charmander


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64 Skarmory Skarmory

I never actually see anyone with Skarmory and no one seems to even know what this Pokemon is! No one ever seems to notice it, causing it to be a non-popular choice and underrated,

Roost + Strong moveset = Kick butt :P

65 Mamoswine Mamoswine
66 Incineroar Incineroar
67 Hydreigon Hydreigon Dark/Dragon Pokemon, thought to be similar to Hydra . Drei is german for three, as in the name it relates to the head count of the stage of evolution .

Not as underrated as Kommo-O or Goodra, but still somewhat underrated compared to the other pseudo-legendaries - Yungstirjoey

68 Scyther Scyther

Why does everyone use scizor but not scyther

I honestly think its really cool. - Goatworlds

Scythe is super cool I love him

I like Scyther

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69 Magneton Magneton

Show me any gyarados with the highest cp you can muster and I'll show you a 1700 ish cp magneton that will cripple it in minutes.

70 Sceptile Sceptile



Yes, the Grass Hoenn starter has been chosen for #1! Sceptile!
Why is it that nobody chooses this thing on their Hoenn games!? Sure, it doesn't have very good moves early on and it has a tricky time against the 3rd ad 4th gyms, but that's why Ground types were invented for!
Sceptile also has very good Special Attack and Speed and it is able to run 4 different movesets making it incredibly difficult to predict! Everyone in Hoenn is either a Blaziken or a Swampert fanboy! I gave them all a try and I have to say Sceptile was the most interesting! It's such a versatile Pokemon and if you use it well, you will kick ass in RU!
Unburden means it will also become faster than Blaziken in one turn.
Why is Blaziken even in Ubers? He only has 80 speed! Sure it's boosted by Speed Boost, but you gotta wait about 3 turns before it becomes incredibly useful! Sceptile can just go one Swords Dance, then BOOM! Aerial Ace! Sceptile has about 3% worse defenses, but at least it doesn't have ...more

This Pokemon so overrated...somebody said sceptile has really good sp attack, it is only above average. He even said blaziken only takes one turn to be useful, one speed boost usually outspeed the opponent. You are saying sceptile use swords dance boom? Blaziken is way better at that since it has higher attack and can baton pass. U even said aerial ace, why the hell would you run aerial ace on sceptile, plus blaziken has brave bird, which is way better than aerial ace. Blaziken also gets a speed boost on the turn it use swords dance. U said sceptile at least doesn't have close combat? Having close combat is not a bad thing. Most blaziken run low kick or high jump kick anyways. U r saying blaziken takes a lot of set up, giratina use dragon tail? Sceptile's unburdan activates, giratina use dragon tail... You can not activate it again... Able to run 4 movesets? Non of them are particully good. It is so fast after unburdan, so what? Speed alone won't get you very far and you have to lose ...more

71 Flygon Flygon

Flygon is always hated because everyone thinks that Garchomp is better.

Flygon's are great, There my favorite dragon type. I've kicked my friends butt with my boy. I love these ground/dragon cinnamon rolls

Flygon is boss, dude! I have a Flygon, and I whoop peoples butt with her! Unless it's against my friend's hacked Pokemon...

Flygon is brilliant - speed, physical attack... If you teach it U-turn it's even more boss! Max speed EVs and this move, then you can get out of any situation and deal massive damage with a Dragon Rush. My recommended move set for this BEAST is:
U-Turn : as mentioned, gets you out of sticky situations.
Earthquake : STAB, massive MASSIVE power, and AOE damage!
Dragon Claw : STAB, and a brilliant physical dragon move.
Dragon Rush : STAB, so much POWER!

Definitely train your EVs with this, and once you've done that, you can obliterate pretty much anything!

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72 Scolipede Scolipede

Great design, amazing speed and attack, I can't help but wonder why so few people use it

73 Scizor Scizor

With such a great design its sad how underrated this pair is scissors is

This should be like SUPER HIGH on the list!

Only has fire as its weakness


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74 Girafarig

I showed my friend Girafarig's name. They said "You misspelled Giratina" - Goatworlds

This guy needs a Mega Evolution. DO IT, GAME FREAK!

Many people think that, just because it looks weak, and I admit it does not have the best stats, but in reality train it right and give it the right moves and Girafarig is awesome! ^-^

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75 Torkoal Torkoal

Awesome smoke breathing fire turtle, 140 defense, and epic movepool (can even learn Earthquake). Why does nobody ever use this guy?!

76 Rattata Rattata

Rattata + Focus sash + Endeavour +Quick Attack = Win

But only the top percentage one

Its not underrated its just bad

F.E.A.R strategy has swept many a team. 'enough said

77 Lanturn Lanturn

Lanturn is so OP. With water absorb and a pokemon with surf in doubles, its OP.

Should be WAY higher

A great Water-Electric with amazing defenses and HP. It won my respect when I played HeartGold with it and it took down Red's Blastoise.

78 Larvesta

My favorite Pokemon! This adorable fluffy cinnamon roll deserves more love! Plus it evolves into one of the most powerful Pokemon!

It's adorable! My other favorite Pokemon! This little bug deserves more love.

79 Yveltal Yveltal Yveltal is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Yveltal is a legendary Dark/Flying type Pokemon, and is the mascot of Pokemon Y. It is classified as the Destruction Pokemon. Yveltal has the ability to absorb life energy, and when its life comes to an end, it steals more.

There are more underrated things on this list but honestly a lot of people dislike yveltal for dumb reasons. Saying it sucks because Fairy>Dark is like saying Magikarp beats Charizard because Water>Fire. not that xerneas is like a magikarp, but every Pokemon has its checks and counters no matter what. plus yveltal is immune to two types and can beat some common Pokemon (groudon and giratina for instance) just like Xerneas can kill it.

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80 Zebstrika Zebstrika

This Pokémon is honestly really cool, one of the better Gen 5 debuts and pretty decent. I like Zoroark but this is much more superior. - Swellow

It was one of my first shinies :3

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