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101 Purugly Purugly

It is pure-ugly!

102 Mienshao Mienshao

Well, a good substitute for lucario

High jump kick is beast

103 Audino Audino

If you kill it and hold a lucky egg and a Pokemon in the battle is level 1, it can level up to like level 30. - Goatworlds

Audino looks like a wuss but she's actually pretty good.

It's the perfect way to get exp. while training. Also, it got a Mega Evolution.

104 Druddigon Druddigon

Shiny Druddigon looks like a salad. Does anyone else agree?

My little carrot needs to be off this list.

Shiny druddigon looks like a gummy worm

Druddigon is awesome,and sure underrated...

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105 Probopass Probopass
106 Zygarde Zygarde

This legendary pokemon is really underrated and underappreciated.

107 Sawk Sawk

Way better than Throh. Throh is a red fat guy who always wears a karate outfit. Sawk is skinny and way better attack and speed than stupid Throh - Goatworlds

Sawk is a powerful like a machoke yet is faster than the average Pokemon if you give him a quick claw or another good item and make him adament he will be your power house

108 Arbok Arbok

The dance in the anime made me love it

Everyone says Arbok is terrible and it sucks. But have you seen what this beast can do with coil!? And it even gets EQ and sucker punch! I've swept teams with arbok in RU and even OU a few times! And Arbok is in PU?! And Rest + Shed skin is never a bad combination. By the way I was always sad when Jessie's Arbok got whacked by Pikachu 'cause Arbok is one of favorite Pokemon :D

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109 Farfetch'd

Farfetchd is obviously not the best Pokemon ever, but it is underrated. It's stats aren't awesome, but use 2 swords dances, aerial ace, and a uturn and it can sweep. I definitely want a fly/fight evolution or even mega evolution for this underrated beast.

110 Sunkern

Pokemon with the weakest stats in the game. I mean come on, of course it's underrated.

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111 Toxicroak Toxicroak

I've never even seen someone use a Toxicroak. It's typing is extremely unique, and for those psychic types: foul play or sucker punch.

Toxicroak is my favourite

112 Krookodile
113 Kommo-o Kommo-o
114 Accelgor
115 Glaceon Glaceon

Personally I think leafeon and glaceon are the most underrated eeveelutions

116 Escavalier

"This Pokemon never gets credit! I have it as a shiny and if you train it correctly with a good move set it can do some serious hits. Not to mention it destroys Gardivore is pvp for its typing and resists its type! Speaking of resists it only has ONE weakness and that is fire, and yes that can be a problem but its literary one. It also resists close to half of all Pokemon types, I mean come on! Just give Escavalier a chance guys. Why is it 160? Oh I know because NOBODY NOTICES THIS POKEMON! "

117 Politoed Politoed

I love Politoed! He's pretty cool, and I use him in battle all the time!.. I never win though

NOT IN GEN 5 HE WASN'T! Thank Arceus weather wars are over.

118 Whooper

One weakness. Just one. Plus he's like the cutest dang thing on the planet. I have a level 89 quagsire in my party at all times!

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119 Braviary Braviary

Yep, another Unova Pokemon. Here's why.
I don't get why Braviary is in NU. Gallade is in RU and he's not as good as Braviary! Braviary has a better movepool, Substitute+Bulk Up is incredibly dangerous and ahem... Defiant. Combine that with Superpower and you will be getting dangerous amounts of attack that will eliminate everything!

120 Archeops Archeops

Archeops. Archeops is a monster! Although he does have one of the worst Abilities in the game, that doesn't act unless he's under half health. Besides, he learns Roost! He deserves to be in the UU tier!
He's low on the list though, because he has poor defenses and not a lot to say about him!

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