Most Underrated Resident Evil Characters


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1 Barry Burton

It's sad that Barry seems to have given up fighting after the Raccoon city incident to go back to his wife and children I presume. But that family man, N.R. A member was as interesting as a sidekick as it was disturbing to be down to suspect him of being a bad guy back in RE1. - Johnnyrp666

Just an amazing character. There is speculation he'll be appearing in Revelations 2 along with his daughter Moira, so let's hope for the return of this badass father.

If only the first game had him playable :-(

"There are only three S.T.A.R.S. Member s left now: Captain Wesker, Chris, and Myself, we don't know where Jill is."

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2 Christine Yamata

Yeah, Four Eyes was one of the best killers/fighters of the U.S.S team in my opinion. She's a one game character at the moment but what's to say about Vector? The dude he's clearly not underrated. Four Eyes doesn't have the invisible ability but it makes it easier not to shoot her in the middle of a team action. She can take control of B.O.W.S like Hunters and Tyrants for god sake! I would love to be a virologist in RE. - Johnnyrp666

What's to say? That little scientist was equipped to help her team create nothing less than carnage in RE ORC. Taking control of even Hunters and Tyrant temporarily like a puppet master? Luring zombies into attacking her enemies with a grenade? Hell, this is how I want to be armed if I'm ever going to war against the government and a bunch of BOWs and living dead. - Johnnyrp666

3 Rebecca Chambers

Rebecca is one of the most under-looked characters, not just in Resident Evil, in video gaming. I kinda have hopes she appears in a future RE title (hint, hint Capcom).

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4 Parker Luciani
5 Karena LesProux

I'd love to see more of her, and to see her without her mask on :D I definitely want a Mercenary style game with her :D

6 Hunk

Hunk is every underrated more underrated than the resident evil outbreak characters

This guy gives Wesker a lot of competition, should have his own spin-off series - furantzu

This is the most underrated resident evil person ever

Weaker fears him

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7 Raymond Vester
8 Annette Birkin
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10 Billy Coen

I still hope to see him in the future RE games - Irina2932

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? Marguerite Baker
? Jack Baker
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11 Claire Redfield

She is my personal favorite female character in this franchise. Claire is beautiful, strong and hot - Irina2932

She is good I think good than Jill

12 Nicholai Zinoviev
13 Kevin Ryman

Kevin appears in RE Outbreak - probably the most underrated RE game ever. He was so cool there - Irina2932

14 Carlos Oliviera

Even on this list he is underrated, come one people whats wrong?
Carlos was so cool.
On this list there are Charakters I don't even know.
What the Heck?

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15 Yoku Suzuki

Another great character from RE Outbreak - Irina2932

16 Cindy Lennox

She can heal other people and mix herbs. - Irina2932

17 Ramon Salazar

Salazar is epic. His one of the best bosses in resident evil 4 and his one of the best villains in resident evil.

18 The Merchant

I am the best character on this bloody list, stranger. I guarantee it, stranger! - xandermartin98

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19 Brad Vickers
20 Ashley Graham

Ashley should be in the top 5

She's beautiful

She's hot

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