A lot to do with some of them, not much to do with many others

Since the beginning of the Resident Evil franchise in 1996, fans have seen a lot of characters come and go. Others have stayed for the whole ride. Always the good and interesting ones? Meh, not so much. Just like any other franchise that has sold over millions of copies, the returns into the past and the recycling of characters hasn't disappeared.

Thanks god in my opinion that RE3 brought back Jill Valentine. This is probably the only good thing about this game except for the Nemesis boss. That was so determined to chase Jill even though we were free to just run from him and save ammo most of the times. That quickly became kind of ridiculous but in other games such as RE ORC, the Nemesis boss fight during the campaign is only one fight but you can't flee. You just have to deal with him even when dealing with the army and the regular zombies infecting Raccoon.

What i hate about the treatment of many chars in video games happens in RE. Jill Valentine was asleep for years after RE3 (2000) and we had to wait until RE Revelations (2012) to see her come back in the seat of the main character. She had a couple appearances between these 2 games i know but what about characters like Barry Burton or even Rebecca Chambers (That i don't even feel the need to see make a come back.) It seems that gaming companies overuse the so called most wanted characters but are only forcing them in our mouth so sure they become the most popular. Today, who knows about Barry Burton in the bunch of newcomers to the franchise? But Leon Kennedy, Claire and Chris Redfield? You can be sure that we will keep hearing about those dudes for the years to come. RE6 trailer proving it, the new characters, for i love some of them way more than some elders or more accepted/popular faces are the ones i would like to see developped in the near future. But it doesn't work like that as it seems. Which gets boring. RE5 was so lame in terms of story and characters dialogue that it made it nothing more than a hell of a chore to do. Unlike its previous RE4 story.

There always seems to be a room for an Excella Gionne or a Luis Sera that will be a suspect, be falsly accused or be the bad guy' sideckick until they eventually die but the room for the living characters from the previous games or the new characters that will appear in a sequel always seems to grow thiner.

I wish there is some will to make the franchises grow in the video game industry cause forgetting about characters for ten years before bringing them back, or just never use them again seems the way to do. Cutting on the job?

But it seems that with games such as RE Revelations and Operation Raccoon City this year the new characters are alive and well or their status is unknown after their mission. Non have been reported dead on the side of playable characters or their partners from what i know so. Karena LesProux, Christine Yamata, Vector, Parker Luciana and Raymond Vester could if i'm not mistaken be saved and used as playable or appearances in a near future.

I hope for Lupo and Four Eyes that this future is not too distant from now. How many games can they keep releasing throwing in Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy before someone gets bored of both the action and the survival horror aspect of RE? Not much in my point of view.

When i look at characters potential from todays RE. ORC for instance and look back at RE5? This one was just failed. Really boring sideckick and Chris And Wesker still entangled in that muscle to muscle conflict? Glad this one seems over.

Sheva Alomar can stay in her country for all i care about. She wasn't much more than a ball and chain in RE5 and i know this has to do with the A.I system but she didn't have much to offer in terms of personality. Goes a little well along Chris Redfield. "Ready to cut and run? Oh no? Now you are ready to go the distance and see this mission through?" Well i'd rather move alone.

But on the other end, never i would have thought that this return to the past that was RE ORC could make me care about what the soldiers from the Umbrella Security Service were going through in the middle of the devastated town but even armed to death and ready and aware of what they were out to battle: Lupo, Vector, Four Eyes, Beltway, Bertha and Spectre were caught and just fought to live more than anything else. And they caught my attention. So my question is: When will we see those former Umbrella fighters throw sticks and stones in the wheels of our good guys or ally with them to overcome the next nightmares? They are interesting and ready to do.