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1 Resident Evil: Outbreak

One of the best RE ever

The most underrated Resident Evil game ever--honestly, I believe what kept this from being a top seller was (ironically) the online play. This game was notorious for lagging with a full party, and the long load times don't help.
Then again, I never had the internet connection to play this online. My experience with this game is limited to offline with rather dim friendly AI (surprisingly enough, the enemy AI is quite competent), though File #2 is worse on that front.
Multiple characters make experimenting in scenarios rather interesting to do. From the fragile character of Yoko to the tank of a man that is Mark, there's any number of ways a game can play out. Further, several items would be in different positions on different difficulty levels.
The scenarios are both the game's greatest strength and most glaring weakness in large part because the condensed length leaves little room for story. Because of this, the game's canonicity is disputed to this day.
There's a grand ...more

I really think resident evil outbreak deserves more respect for it's survival and situation solving. It has pretty good graphics along with it's good enemy and team AI. The level design is well thought out. The only thing that is a a shame is that the online servers are down.

Very underrated. Outbreak is one of my favorite games ever - Irina2932

2 Resident Evil: Dead Aim

The most underrated resident evil game ever

3 Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

I don't understand why people don't like this game. I loved the fact they had Resident Evil 2 AND Code Veronica in the same game. Those are my two favorites (besides 5)! And Operation Javier was a sweet addition as well! - Bloodbirth-HQ

Really underrated

4 Resident Evil: Survivor
5 Resident Evil Gaiden

Really underrated

Resident evil gaiden is the definition of a bad unfiished product - Retroman64

6 Resident Evil: Survivor 2

Very fun game, and holds a nostalgic value as the first RE game I ever played. First encountered it in the arcades back in 2010 (remember those? ) and quite enjoyed it, despite the awkward setup & controls. Simply put, moving the gun controller and shooting it at the same time could be a little bit hard. The PS2 port thankfully makes it a lot easier to control as you can use the Dualshock 2 to play it as opposed to a light gun. That streamlines the gameplay and makes it more straightforward and easier to pick up & play. Besides, the game itself is terrific fun. The shooting, collecting items, boss fights and exploration makes it a game worth coming back to. Not to mention, the bonus features are plentiful, as you try out a ranking mode, fight off cockroaches in the Vs. Roach mode (really) & even play extra levels too. Great game, and started me on my Resident Evil journey. - Mrveteran

7 Resident Evil Zero
8 Resident Evil 5

Overly hated. Here, we have a really fun game that is a nice breath of fresh air in a genre that can feel very samey. And I have no issue with it being less of a survival horror game than its predecessors. After all, Resident Evil 2 & 3 were far more action focused than the original game, with bigger set pieces and scopes replacing the more horrific elements the original game had. Only Code: Veronica to my knowledge kept strongly with the horror roots of the series, especially in terms of atmosphere & isolation, and in my opinion is the scariest of the series. Meanwhile, Bioshock Infinite is a generic action game that dumbs down the gameplay of the first two Bioshock games while removing the darker survival horror elements too. While that game is (undeservedly) praised, RE5 is hated. All I see is an extremely fun game that while changing the formula of the series is still a blast to play and still stands out on its own against many other third person shooters. - Mrveteran

I think resident evil deserves more credit, it was the most fun game I played in 2009, I'm not eggsagerating

9 Resident Evil 6
10 Resident Evil: Outbreak File # 2

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11 Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Hey guys why the long face on this game

12 Resident Evil Revelations

This is the best resident evil game!

I'd say this game is underrated for its Raid mode and surprisingly I liked the plot despite it being cheesy at times.

13 Resident Evil 2
14 Resident Evil: The Mercenaries
15 Umbrella Corps

Really underrated again it gets the long face

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1. Resident Evil: Outbreak
2. Resident Evil: Survivor
3. Resident Evil: Dead Aim


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