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gemcloben Welcome to the new series of thetoptens user gemcloben: talk about music! Sorry I haven't blogged in AGES, but no one has seemed to be bothered. So, here we go! Today, I will talk about a band I seriously love and respect: deep purple! I love classic thrash metal, as many of you already know, so why would I listen to these? Read on, I will preach my opinions on the most underrated band in history!

Deep purple are a prime example of bands who have one song that overshadow the whole of their other discography. We can all guess what that song may be. Smoke on the water is a decent song, but overrated and nothing in comparison with their other work. It consists of a simple, easy riff , plain vocals and boring musical composition.

Now we get to their good songs. Some like smoke on the water as it has a catchy riff, but listen to black night. The riff is classic rock and just gives you the impression that you are living in the 1970's. The vocals from Ian Gillian are very plain, but in an exiting way, unlike in smoke on the water. The solo isn't the best from Ritchie Blackmore, but never would be classed as a bad solo. He has just done better.

Not really like that early classic 1970's rock sound? Like something a little more complex? My friend, let me introduce you to a song named: child in time. It starts off... Unexplainable. Soft, with the electric piano sounding thing, but then it does much softer with the bizarre whispers, and they build into the most fantastic screams one could produce. Then the solo: tons of emotion and talent fitted into one solo.

Anyone think Hendrix had an unmatchable, and unbeatable sound? Deep purple did this in one cover. They made the song of hey Joe a lot more complex and also had that classic Hendrix sound. The best bands are those who can write a cover. These guys nailed it beyond belief.

Hallelujah. saying this song is the definition of underrated would be wrong, it gives a whole new meaning of underrated. It is one of the best composed songs, beautiful, amazing build up, great guitar and raw vocals from the greatest vocalist of his era: Ian Gillian. Although the song gets a little more boring when it livens up, I still love it.

Now their best song. What rock fan wouldn't love highway star!? The intro gets you wondering all the possible scenarios of what the rest of the song could go like, but from the intro, you wouldn't guess the sheer brilliance of the song. The chorus is very pure, what I love in metal, because some songs seem forced, this isn't. I believe his vocals are unmatchable and prove to be some of the the best in any song ever. And the solo is some thing else. Ritchie was the ultimate shredder and I credit him for revolutionising modern guitar, along with Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen. I also would give it credit as the creation of shredding and neo-classical metal. It is also what I can only explain as the best guitar solo ever.

So, as the most influential band of hard rock and metal, I call these the most underrated band ever, best band of their era and nothing short of amazing. With Ian's unmatchable scream and Ritchie, one of the top 5 guitarists in my opinion, they have no trouble competing with any other band ever. Thank you for reading!


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