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41 Heaven's Drive - L'arc~en~ciel

this song is less popular than barracuda, we are the champions, stairway to heaven and bohemian rhapsody because a a japanese song can hardly compete with those american and other western very commercialized songs - ronluna

its guitar riffs and basslines are amazing with the fast beat of the drums and rocking vocals in alternative style. one of the most requested l'arc songs - ronluna

a GREAT song that isn't known for much pepole
i think is very underrated, if it were more known, im sure that a lot of people would like it!

if a japanese band can be more famous this song will become more known in the world - ronluna

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42 Modern Day Cowboy - Tesla
43 Ain't No Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant
44 Bodies - The Sex Pistols
45 Go - Pearl Jam
46 Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - Megadeth

It is annoying that all of the songs listed above are in fact very overrated. Megadeth is a very underrated band and "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" is probably their best song.

Not a single one of these songs is underrated, and some, like Frantic, are just terrible. But this is the best on the list so it wins.

this is a masterpiece but it is so underrated. Its a pity

This is the worlds best song! It kills me that it is so underrated. - Deth4Life

47 Holiday - Green Day

I don't understand why people are mentioning greatest rock songs in this list in other categories those songs are already at the top positions I hope that people should mention those songs which are actually underrated because most of the songs above are actually good ones and definitely not underrated but loved by most of the people.

48 You Could Be Mine - Guns N' Roses

The Use Your Illusion albums, though reasonably popular at the time, were absolutely loaded with filler and a metric ton of power ballads. Luckily, this isn't one of those songs. Forget about depressing breakups and moping about war, this is Guns N' Roses, just like you knew them from 1987.

49 Election Day - Arcadia
50 Lying from You - Linkin Park

This song is absolutely amazing and I wish more people knew about it because the whole song is brilliant. The music is really good and the lyrics are quite deep and it is one of my favourite songs from Linkin Park, but only Linkin Park fans seem to know this song. I love LP so much but I think songs like this should be more famous than In The End and Numb

This is really an underrated song. ONLY Linkin Park fans know about this song, even though it's so good, the whole world should know about it

So this is 27 and under it is sultans of swing... Wow, the lack of appreciation would be overwhelming if it didn't happen for every great song out there!

This song is one of LP best

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51 Dominance and Submission - Blue Oyster Cult

Sledgehammer riffs. Intense drama and urgency. Killer guitar solo by Buck Dharma at the end of the song.

52 Head Crusher - Megadeth

It's Megadeth, is all I have to say...

53 Had Enough - Mr. Big

One of if not THE most underrated band if all time

54 Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band
55 Set Me Free - Sweet
56 Livin' In the Limelight - Peter Cetera

Great song and is very underrated. This list says nothing about a song having to be a great masterpiece. Some really good, cool songs don't get heard and they should people might just enjoy them as just a good rock song.

So underrated and a cool surprise rock song by Peter. Only got airplay on rock stations in very late 81 and early 82. Never hit the popular music stations.

Never heard such great song so underrated.

This song So underrated.

57 Something in the Way - Nirvana

This song is from Nevermind, and Nevermind got great reviews on almost all songs.

So how is this song underrated?

Nirvana is not underrated.

This song has like no credibility compared to there big stuff. Plus it's haunting sound that makes everyone feel emotions, which In my opinion, makes a great song. - dovf

58 Working Class Hero - John Lennon
59 Frantic - Metallica

I love this song, and all of St. Anger. How is Stairway to Heaven underrated? It is the most overrated song next Barracuda! - gibsonrock53

60 Rotten Apple - Alice in Chains V 1 Comment
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